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The Estates at Acqualina…A Celebration of Art, Lifestyle and Architecture

By: Susannah Cord / Photographs Courtesy of The Estates at Acqualina

  • The Estates at Acqualina…A Celebration of Art, Lifestyle and Architecture

Acqualina Villa Front with Fountain

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On a quest to develop the World’s Finest Residences, brothers Eddie and Jules Trump are engaging in a year's long celebration of art, lifestyle, and architecture as they and their team of renowned architects, designers, and hoteliers build what they call ‘a world unto itself’ the The Estates at Acqualina. Centrally located in the heart of the best of Miami, the dual towers soar into the azure sky on 500 feet of pristine beachfront, boasting opulent ocean view residences with an unequaled array of in-house, hotel-style services and amenities to please every need and whim. Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the Estates provide a lavish lifestyle with all the comforts of home and all the indulgences of a retreat. Coupled with an astonishing five-acre oceanfront park, the Trumps aim to set a new standard in Miami lifestyle that will go well beyond all expectations.

  • The Estates at Acqualina…A Celebration of Art, Lifestyle and Architecture

The Mansions at Acqualina, Design by Karl Lagerfeld

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The Trump brothers, unlike their more famous and unrelated namesake, come from humble beginnings as the sons of a South African tailor. How fitting then that in this, their most ambitious endeavor to date, they collaborate with the Emperor of Style, Karl Lagerfeld. Drawing on his lifelong passion for design and photography, Lagerfeld now dives into interior design at the behest of the Trumps to put his unique touch on the lobbies of Acqualina. From the sparkling Swarovski chandeliers to the theme of shimmering silvery tones, Lagerfeld’s design is a fresh take on a retro feel and a refreshing place of retreat from the warm Florida climate. Images from Lagerfeld’s photography are reflected within the décor, bringing Lagerfeld’s artistic sensibilities to the fore of a welcoming lobby that will function as much as a common living room as it will be a remarkable point of entry into the Estates lifestyle.

  • The Estates at Acqualina…A Celebration of Art, Lifestyle and Architecture

Estates at Acqualina Restaurant

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With an astounding array of indoor and outdoor amenities, the Trumps and their collaborators make a conscious effort to cater to both children and those young at heart. From the Circus Maximus to signature restaurants, 50,000 square feet of pleasure and entertainment await the residents of Acqualina. Ice-skating, bowling, movie theater, Formula One racing simulator, and sports fields are but a handful of the experiences offered to further a lifestyle unequaled elsewhere. Relaxing at the spa after a workout at the state-of-the-art fitness center or enjoying a cocktail at the onyx bar of The Speakeasy before dinner at the Acqualina, residents will all the while be steeping in the graceful Palladian architecture of the amenity villa. Outdoors, the 5.6-acre oceanfront park invites both quiet observation and playful participation, with multiple pools, trails, meditation zones, and sculpture gardens inspired by the great gardens of France and Italy.

  • The Estates at Acqualina…A Celebration of Art, Lifestyle and Architecture

Casa del Mar Penthouse at Via Acqualina 777

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With a nod to the past and an eye for the future, the estate size residences marry classic glamour with modern, state-of-the-art functionality, leaving nothing to chance. Expressed in every detail is the desire of the developers to allow artistic sensibilities to prevail throughout in a celebration of art and architecture. Wrap-around terraces offer breathtaking vistas while the grounding effect of marble and granite, sourced worldwide, secure the viewer in a firm sense of home and hearth. Delivered furniture ready, residences feature soaring ceilings and sliding doors to invite the light, while state-of-the-art appliances and Smart-Home technology leave no stone unturned in providing for the comfort of residents. Sound insulated throughout, the contemporary interpretation of the classic Italian villa lends every room a sense of familiarity with newness while exemplifying the quality and thoughtfulness apparent in the choice of each fabric, stone, and texture.

  • The Estates at Acqualina…A Celebration of Art, Lifestyle and Architecture

Estates at Acqualina

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From the inviting lobby to the expansive ocean views, the Estates embody an extraordinary image. A celebration of art, lifestyle, and architecture, resulting in a near-futuristic existence - beachfront living in the sky. A vision of grand spaces with comfort and family, underscored by a passionate commitment to hospitality, the Estates are steeped in a culture of service leading to what one resident calls the Acqualina Loyalty. Set to open in 2020, the Estates are firmly planted in Miami’s fertile soil yet offer a worldly departure from the city around and a welcoming environment that is a delicate blend of the classic with the modern. Joining the Acqualina family of luxury abodes, intended to be the world’s finest residences, the Estates at Acqualina cleave closely to the guiding principle that art is everything and service is paramount, both principles spoken in any language, and at all times at the Estates at Acqualina.

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