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Morlotti Studio...Producing the Finest Reportage...

By: Pamela Dittmer McKuen

  • Morlotti Studio...Producing the Finest Reportage Weddings in Italy

Morlotti Studio, Producing the Finest Reportage Weddings in Italy

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Morlotti Studio is unparalleled in the artistry of Italian wedding photography. Founded by the internationally acclaimed Massimiliano Morlotti, the studio specializes in the elegant yet natural style of reportage photography. The Milan-based Morlotti began his illustrious career more than two decades ago and has personally photographed more than 1,000 weddings. His work is regularly and prominently featured worldwide in art galleries and prestigious lifestyle and wedding magazines. Morlotti himself has assembled an elite team of like-minded visionaries located throughout Italy’s most desirable wedding destinations. Morlotti photographers skillfully and insightfully document both the solemnity and the joy of each matrimonial event. They discreetly capture the precious and intimate moments along with the subtle nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed. A wedding day goes by quickly, but Morlotti Studio’s captivating images of love keep the occasion alive for all time.

  • Morlotti Studio...Producing the Finest Reportage Weddings in Italy

Morlotti Studio Specializing in Capturing the Unique Moments, Atmosphere and Emotion of a Couples Wedding

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Reportage wedding photography is a documentary-style of picture-taking that narrates the event as it unfurls. Morlotti Studio specializes in this exquisite art form and adds its unique Italian signature. Morlotti photographers, all fluent English-speakers, know that every client has a unique story to be told. A thoughtful communication between photographer and client assures the wedding day chapter will be authentically preserved. The joy, passion, and perhaps a few tears of the ceremony and celebration will be revisited again and again through stunning images. Over the years, the Morlotti team has photographed many of the most regaled weddings all over the world. Photographers are stationed in the most scenic Italian destinations such as Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and the Italian Lakes. They also have traveled internationally to locales in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean Islands. Morlotti reportage wedding photography translates beautifully across oceans and continents.

  • Morlotti Studio...Producing the Finest Reportage Weddings in Italy

The City of Love and Lovers is the Perfect Setting for Heidi and Ryan’s Wedding

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Without question, the City of Love and Romance is perhaps the most beautiful destination in the world; Venice has enchanted visitors and lovers for centuries. It’s a magical city built on an archipelago of small islands connected by winding canals and ornate bridges. Art, music, and architecture are its calling cards. Morlotti photographer Daniele Borghello knows the city well. He was the obvious choice to be commissioned by Heidi and Ryan for reportage photography, the Morlotti hallmark of their wedding. Borghello accompanied them during the two-day celebration, beginning with a traditional gondola ride and an intimate dinner with family and friends at a local trattoria. The wedding ceremony and reception were held at the four-star Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort, an elegant and masterfully restored 18th Century palazzo on the Grand Canal. Amid the sites and splendor, Borghello artfully captured loving glances, prayerful moments, casual kisses, and playful children. The memories are sure to span a lifetime.

  • Morlotti Studio...Producing the Finest Reportage Weddings in Italy

Wedding at Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy, Amalfi Coast

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Of all the celebrated communities along Southern Italy’s breathtaking Amalfi Coast, Ravello may be the most dramatic. The town perches atop a soaring 1,200-foot promontory at the center of the coast, where azure skies merge with cerulean waters. This betrothed couple selected Ravello as the place to make their vows and toasts, and Morlotti photographer Daniele commemorates this most special day with his lens. The narrative opens as they don their wedding finery. It continues through the main square, Piazza Vescovado, and to the historic Duomo di Ravello, an 11th Century cathedral built in a combination of Baroque and Romanesque architecture. Then on to Villa Cimbrone, the crown jewel of Ravello, for the celebratory festivities. Expansive gardens, regal statuary, and a magnificent belvedere--the Terrace of Infinity--afford a stunning and romantic backdrop, by day and into the evening. Daniele reverently and without distraction captures the emotions and insights of the occasion as only Morlotti style of reportage photography can.

  • Morlotti Studio...Producing the Finest Reportage Weddings in Italy

Villa Balbianello, Lake Como Wedding

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Lake Como, legendary for its extraordinary beauty, has long inspired poets, artists, filmmakers, and lovers. Perhaps the most luxurious of wedding venues on the lake is the historic Villa del Balbianello, situated on a steeply wooded promontory overlooking serene waters and snow-tipped alpine mountains. The mansion was built in the late 18th Century by Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini as an exclusive retreat for scholars and intellectuals. In modern times, Count Guido Monzino, an entrepreneur and first Italian to climb Mount Everest, made the villa his home and a museum for his many fine collections. Impeccably modernized and maintained by the National Trust of Italy, Villa del Balbianello is the perfect backdrop for discriminating brides and grooms. The property is optimally accessed by watercraft, creating a unique opportunity for Morlotti photographer Vincenzo Santarella to capture the arrival of the bridal party and their guests. On the grand Loggia Durini, graceful arches and ivy-clad columns frame the ceremonial rites. Morlotti Studio is honored to document this and every wedding day. Italian style, of course.

Heidi and Ryan’s Wedding in Venice at the Hotel Ca’Nigra

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