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The Dazzling Virtuosity of Sol Gabetta

By: Najah Syed / Photographs Courtesy of Sol Gabetta

  • The Dazzling Virtuosity of Sol Gabetta

The Dazzling Virtuosity of Sol Gabetta

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Sol Gabetta's name evokes a sense of exhilaration and nostalgia in all who have experienced her captivating musical performances. An Argentine cellist, Gabetta has been active in the classical music industry since 1991. She began her journey at age three when the violin caught her interest. Trained by talented musicians such as Leo Viola, Christine Walevska, and Ljerko Spiller, Gabetta played the violin for five years alongside her brother – who is today a baroque violinist himself. However,... Read More

  • The Dazzling Virtuosity of Sol Gabetta

Sol Gabetta's Dazzling Musical Career has Earned International Recognition

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Gabetta has well earned international recognition over the course of her distinguished musical career. Since 2004, she has performed gracefully with her beloved 1759 Guadagnini cello in Russia, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, England, France, and more. After first winning the 2004 Credit Suisse Young Artist Award, Gabetta received notable commendations in Munich, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, and London. She has also performed in countless spectacular venues in London, France, and... Read More

  • The Dazzling Virtuosity of Sol Gabetta

Sol Gabetta Won the Credit Suisse Young Artist Award in 2004

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Gabetta chose to play the Guadagnini due to its exquisite beauty, pure sound, vibrancy, and the variety of timbres. She credits this glorious instrument with helping to find her musical voice but notes that its soft tone and rich harmonics often challenged her ability to perform. Upon testing the Gofriller, Gabetta became infatuated with its natural projection, flow, and expressivity. She, therefore, tabled the Guadagnini for Baroque repertoire and now uses the Gofriller as her main concert... Read More

  • Gabetta Acknowledges that Music is a Dynamic form of Language

Gabetta Acknowledges that Music is a Dynamic Form of Language

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Gabetta acknowledges that music is a form of language – a dynamic method of communication that everyone can appreciate regardless of their differences. She uses pure talent to showcase her essence as both a performer and a human being, and the Gofriller allows fulfillment of this goal down to the last detail. An elegant, emotional artist, Gabetta molds each concert into a unique experience for audience members. She cherishes time in the recording studio and live on stage, claiming that both... Read More

  • Sol Gabetta has made a Dazzling Impact on the Musical World

Sol Gabetta has made a Dazzling Impact on the Musical World

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Gabetta’s virtuosity and ability to relate to her audiences has launched her success into another arena –education. While she continues to perform around the world, she also teaches cello in Switzerland, with the goal of evoking a passion for classical music in the upcoming generation. Sol recognizes the value of unveiling one’s identity in such a pure way and endeavors to impart this belief on all who are willing to learn. Her dedication to the art has therefore become manifest in her... Read More

Watch Video: Gabetta Treasures Her New Cello, a 18th Century Matteo Gofriller

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