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Welcome to the Magnificence New York Café, Budapest

By: Susannah Cord / Photographs Courtesy of New York Café

  • Welcome to the Magnificence New York Café, Budapest

Boscolo Budapest Hotel

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Step into the magnificent New York Café in Budapest, Hungary, and be prepared for a journey back in time to the breathtaking beauty and elegance of the late 19th Century, where you may delight in a taste of the grand vision of La Belle Epoch. Thought to be The Most Beautiful Café in the World, this icon of cultural history resides within the Boscolo Budapest Hotel, in itself a legendary institution boasting the finest architecture and exemplary creativity of The Gilded Age. Past, present, and future magically coalesce in the palatial presence of baroque ornamentation, multi-colored inlays, and sinuous columns as you partake in the Café Culture of Budapest and enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • New York Café

New York Café

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Initially inspiring the quiet awe usually reserved for museums, the New York Café remains an exquisite backdrop to a living - and lively - history. From its’ very debut in 1894, this bedrock of Budapest Café Society has been host to the intellectual discourse and rambunctious revelry of nobility, playwrights and poets, writers, painters, and philosophers, found frequenting the café in search of inspiration, camaraderie, and free ink. This they found in abundance in the comfort of a grand atmosphere devoted to the height of the intellect and the love of art, Hungarian pastry, and strong espresso. Ensconced in the timeless beauty of the café’s gilded halls and spacious balconies, ideas were discussed, novels penned, muses born, and political plots perfected.

  • New York Café

New York Café

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On the grand opening night in 1894, as he purportedly threw the key to the cafe's doors into the Danube, writer Ferenc Molnár declared the café such a wonder it should be kept open for eternity. His decree and the café still stand, despite the ravages of two world wars and a short stint post World War II as a sports shop. The renovated interior dazzles with gilded accents, sparkling chandeliers, and Venetian lamps that compete for attention with the finely painted ceilings, further intensifying the sensation of having entered a temple devoted to the cultural innovations and flourishing art of The Gilded Age. Inviting contemporary furnishings underscore and complete the perfect combination of sensory delight and comfort offered by the café.

  • Breakfast Buffet at the New York Cafe

Breakfast Buffet at the New York Cafe'

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True to the historical essence of the cafe’s interior, the diverse menu reflects a multicultural cuisine rooted in the culinary legacy of past Austro-Hungarian monarchies while stepping firmly into the new millennia under the leadership of Chef Andras Wolf. His respectful approach to honoring while reinventing traditional dishes, using only the finest local produce, provides an extraordinary experience of ordinary ingredients. The sweet scent of Hungarian pastries competes for attention with the wafting aroma of espresso. At the same time, exquisite desserts peep out from among teapots and lavish trays laden with freshly baked goods. A brimming Breakfast Buffet offers a cornucopia of succulent fruit, yogurt, sausages, and cheese, accompanied by sparkling wine and the gentle tones of a classical pianist and his piano.

  • The Széchenyi Chain Bridge at Night

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge at Night

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Budapest, with her graceful bridges spanning the majestic Danube, is a stately and magnificent City with a history as rich and complex as her architecture, encompassing and reflecting the cultures that have shaped her through the centuries. From the Romans who bathed in her hot springs to the Russians who left the marks of their reign of terror on her very walls, Budapest has withstood, embraced, and ultimately made her traces they left behind. And yet she remains, first and foremost, a vivid celebration of Hungarian culture, a city reclaiming her past as one of the food capitals of the world, and the home of a Café Culture surpassed by none - as personified and exemplified by the Magnificent New York Café.

Video courtesy of Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Video

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