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Blenheim House, One Tower Bridge…

By: Mia Orlova / Photographs Courtesy of Blenheim House

  • Blenheim House, One Tower Bridge...A stunning apartment in the heart of London

Blenheim House, One Tower Bridge...A Stunning Apartment in the Heart of London

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With its unparalleled views, exceptional amenities, and exquisite style, the Blenheim House at One Tower Bridge is a distillation of all that London has to offer: modernity, sophistication, affluence, and intrigue. And it’s true – where else can you find such a city that so adeptly balances the richness of the past with the innovation of the future? The beauty and majesty of Tower Bridge, for example, has a long and storied history spanning back to the late 19th century. Not to be confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge has become one of the most emblematic structures in the entire city – and at Blenheim House, it’s right outside your door. London has so much to offer, just a few steps away, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of some of the most stunning architecture, cultural destinations, and fabulous restaurants. rn

  • Blenheim House offers an unrivaled view of London and the Thames

Blenheim House Offers an Unrivaled View of London and the Thames

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Nowhere else does the exuberance and personality of London come to life quite as it does from the spacious and open balconies at Blenheim House. Its immediate views of the iconic Tower of London and Tower Bridge convey the regality upon which this city was built – while the tableau of London’s modern skyline continues to take one's breath away. While the view itself is undoubtedly enchanting, the proximity to some of London’s most valued cultural amenities is one of Blenheim House’s most notable benefits – Michelin-starred restaurants, internationally-recognized education, and arts facilities, world-class entertainment, and some of the best shopping in all of Europe are all easily within reach. And when you consider the sophistication and culture of the surrounding area, it isn’t hard to see why London attracts some of the continent’s most affluent elite.

  • Blenheim House, One Tower Bridge offers a custom kitchen and high end appliances

Blenheim House, One Tower Bridge Offers a Custom Kitchen and High End Appliances

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The estates at Blenheim House are unrivaled in spaciousness, luxury, and style. Similar to London itself, the four-bedroom apartments deftly intertwine elegance and sophistication. Each features a 2400-square foot layout that, while expansive, never feels anything other than warm and comfortable. The bright and open reception area is perfect for sizeable get-togethers and relaxed gatherings alike and offers some of the best views of the London skyline, while the separate kitchen and dining area allows for a bit more privacy without sacrificing the view. The immersion into the heart of London continues through the ample master suite and the three additional bedrooms without ever cutting off the gorgeous skyline. Beyond the space itself, Blenheim House also offers the pinnacle of lavishness with a 24-hour Harrods Estates concierge along with a plunge pool, underground parking, a modern gym, and a sauna to help blow off some steam.

  • Blenheim House offers the pinnacle of lavishness...note the spacious teak tub

Blenheim House Offers the Pinnacle of Lavishness...Note the Spacious Teak Tub

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Often thought of as the “growth engine” when it comes to setting real estate prices across the region, London is currently in the middle of an unheard-of drop in home prices, which haven’t been seen since 2009. Fortunately, the ripple effect from this slide isn’t expected to affect surrounding regions as substantially as it has in the past. Further, while the decline in real estate prices has been substantial, experts predict that London will see an annual growth of at least 2% over the next several years. The takeaway here, of course, is that this is the best time for London buyers in over eight years. And given that the commercial climate in London is one of the most flexible and forgiving in the entire UK, business professionals and executives are already flocking to the luxury housing market provided by this modern and influential city.

  • Blenheim House offers the pinnacle of lavishness with a 24-hour Harrods Estate concierge

Blenheim House Offers the Pinnacle of Lavishness With a 24-Hour Harrods Estate Concierge

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London has long been the cultural and financial capital of Europe. With an industry-leading commerce sector, world-class dining and entertainment, and internationally recognized educational institutions, this city is undoubtedly the powerhouse of modern European living. What’s more, with the unprecedented drop in London real estate prices, there’s never been a better time to get in on the housing market upturn of 2018. Few properties tie together the grandeur of classical London with the bustling excitement of this contemporary cityscape like Blenheim House. Its prime location, stately elegance, functional modernity, and luxurious amenities make it the chosen luxury housing estate in this unforgettable city.

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