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By: Susannah Cord / Photographs Courtesy of Bulgari

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Nicola Bulgari, Fourth from Left with Fellow Executives at the New Manufacturing Facility in Valenza, Italy

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They exhibit timing as impeccable as their Swiss watches and a continuous brand expansion as innovative as their flawless designs. Luxury brand Bulgari soars to a new and incandescent zenith with the opening of their new jewelry production facility in Valenza, Italy, while globally developing a string of exclusive luxury hotels and resorts. It is a process of diversification initiated decades ago, envisioned by the descendants of the founder himself. The Bulgari brand, established in Rome in 1884 by Greek jeweler Sotirios Boulgaris, has long been revered for the opulent and striking designs that characterize their jewelry. Since the 1970’s, the grandchildren and extended family of Sotirios have led the Bulgari expansion, leading to internationalization and the inclusion of a Swiss watch product line. By the 1990s, the diversification process began in earnest with the introduction of Bulgari Perfumes, followed by the launch of the Bulgari luxury hotel brand.

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Luxury Brand Bulgari Opening Their Largest Jewelry and Watchmaking Production Facility in Valenza, Italy

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Today, as Bulgari enjoys worldwide recognition as a purveyor of luxury, it would be easy to forget their humble beginnings, traced to the first steps of a young man in a Greek village who dreamt of Rome. Instead, Bulgari remains deeply rooted in their heritage while boldly setting forth on new courses. The site for their latest facility in Valenza, the largest of its kind in Europe, was carefully chosen to honor their Italian history and further Italian craftsmanship. The factory, designed to include the farmhouse of 1800’s goldsmith Francesco Caramora, the man that made Valenza famous for its gold artistry, is a sophisticated blend of the old and the new. State-of-the-art technology and security systems course through the massive complex. While not surprisingly for the ever forward-thinking Bulgari brand, the factory includes workstations and offices and a school for budding artisans.

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Andy Warhol Once Compared Walking into a Bulgari Store to Visiting the Best Exhibition of Contemporary Art

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This commitment to excellence in modernity while paying tribute to tradition is a tenet that serves the Bulgari brand well. While himself a master of exploring and creating trends, the late Andy Warhol famously compared walking into a Bulgari store to "visiting the best exhibition of contemporary art." True to form, when seeking to revitalize their New York flagship store, Bulgari struck gold once again when they chose famed Art Architect, Peter Marino, for the task. As iconic in his field as Bulgari in theirs, Marino sought out the hallmarks of the Bulgari heritage, drawing on their Roman roots for inspiration, in the process giving the luxury brand a stunning new landmark. Still, remarkable as it is, it is far from the only benchmark the brand claims among its holdings. Since 2001, a joint venture with the luxury division of Marriott International has seen Bulgari launching its brand of luxury hotels.

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One of Five Bvlgari Mansions in Bali

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Opening a luxury hotel in Milan in 2004, Bulgari has since gone from strength to strength with a resort in Bali and hotels in gateway cities from London to Shanghai, to include Moscow by 2020. With a distinctive touch of glamour as timeless as the appeal of their jewelry, the Bulgari hotel collection has become a trailblazer in luxury hospitality, offering the cosmopolitan guest a faultless experience defined by an informal yet sophisticated standard of service. The Bulgari Resort in Bali embodies the Bulgari concept, from the design, drawing upon both the best of Italian tradition and the heritage of Bali, to the extensive range of services offered to the discerning guest. With a combination of villas and mansions overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Bali Resort guest is ensured privacy with all the amenities of the finest hotels in the world, a standard upheld at all Bulgari locations.

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Five Star Bulgari Resort Opens on an Exclusive Island Community off the Dubai Coastline

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But perhaps the true culmination of Bulgari’s process of diversification, and development of hospitality locations, is the Bulgari Resort & Residences off the coast of Dubai, which opened in late 2017. Situated on the man-made island of Jumeira Bay, sporting the delicate shape of a sea-horse, the resort offers a range of options from rooms through villas and apartments onto Bulgari branded, if customized, mansions. The Bulgari Resort, considered a tremendous investment opportunity, handily puts to good use the clout of a globally renowned brand with a reputation for superior services, applying it to a swiftly evolving corner of an exclusive market while promising regional exclusiveness. It is another well-considered move by a brand that has long since proved its tradition for excellence and staying power in an ever-evolving world. From the leading producer of artisanal brilliance to an icon of luxury service, Bulgari is poised for a new zenith while promising to go well beyond even that.

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