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Adam Tihany and His Iconic Designs of Sensual Transformative Aesthetics

By: Jeffrey Steele / Photographs Courtesy of Tihany Design

  • Adam Tihany and His Iconic Designs of Sensual Transformative Aesthetics

Seabourn and the Transformative Aesthetics of Tihany Design

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When it comes to hospitality design, no firm on earth can surpass New York City’s Tihany Design. Founder Adam D. Tihany has earned international acclaim for his ability to invest in hotels, restaurants, and a myriad other hospitality settings with exquisite interior design that is at once luxurious, tasteful, beautiful, and thoroughly unique. Before giving genesis to his firm’s iconic interior design creations, Tihany steeps himself in meticulous research about the environment. He seeks to grasp every detail about the space, its history, its function, and the way individuals move through the area, as well as the preferences of its owner. The goal? To create a design consistent with the highest contemporary standards of luxury while also remaining respectful of tradition. Tihany recently turned his talents to Seabourn Encore, the latest debut from the Seabourn cruise ship family. Given the sweeping, curvilinear architecture of its spaces, the vessel is rightly termed by many the “Marilyn Monroe of ships.”

  • Adam Tihany and His Iconic Designs of Sensual Transformative Aesthetics

Adam Tihany and the Four Seasons Dubai International Financial Centre

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The unparalleled design aesthetic championed by Tihany Design in so many previous hotel and restaurant commissions now grace the exciting new Four Seasons Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) hotel in Dubai. Imbuing the interiors of the boutique luxury hostelry with what he calls "a custom-tailored look," Tihany created an aesthetic reflecting the transformative evolution of design in Dubai. His work on the Four Seasons DIFC's" Podium Lobby" delivers clean, sophisticated lines, bespoke finishes, and a shimmering palette of golds. Together, these elements convey a sense of what Tihany calls "inclusive exclusivity" without imparting a "members-only" club feel. Characteristic of his work elsewhere, Tihany's Four Seasons DIFC interiors display a refinement and elegance that perfectly complements the boutique hotel itself, turning this intimate establishment into a beautiful, beckoning oasis of comfort.

  • Adam Tihany and His Iconic Designs of Sensual Transformative Aesthetics

Dubai's Four Seasons Hotel and International Financial Centre

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Tihany Design crafted the interiors of the Four Seasons DIFC to ensure they were woven seamlessly into the contours of the 110-acre Financial Centre encircling the hotel. Guests step into the hotel from either of two entry points, a ground-level reception area or a retail concourse on an upper level. Having arrived in Dubai from earth's four corners, the hotel's international clientele can savor the 1950s-inspired glamor of the Firebird Diner any hour of the day or night. Guests can also marvel at awe-inspiring views of the Burj Khalifa from the inviting confines of the eighth-floor Luna Bar. Four Seasons DIFC is an intimately scaled hotel whose every facet is designed to meet the discriminating tastes and sensibilities of the international business elite. Like a custom-made suit, Tihany's interiors are a perfect fit for this incomparable sanctuary.

  • Adam Tihany and His Iconic Designs of Sensual Transformative Aesthetics

Holland America’s ms Koningsdam by Tihany Design

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When Adam Tihany discusses the enticing interior design his firm created for Holland America Line's newest ship, ms Konigsdam, the globally-celebrated designer, employs a metaphor, citing the hand-crafted beauty of a fine violin. Within such an instrument, the interior space is a symphony of sensual curves, fine woodwork, and the subtle play of light and shadow that insinuates itself through the violin's surface. A similar design aesthetic is witnessed within the spectacular dining rooms and entertainment venues of ms Konigsdam. Whether it's the charm of the Queen's Lounge, with its curving lines and polished wood; the blue-and-white-hued whimsy of the Grand Dutch Cafe; or the French bistro-inspired warmth and elegance of the Sel de Mer, the vessel's interior spaces are a rhapsody of emotion-stirring drama and flair – unmistakably marking them the singular creations of Tihany Design.

  • Adam Tihany and His Iconic Designs of Sensual Transformative Aesthetics

Dinner by Heston's Kitchen, London, Designer, Adam Tihany

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When chef Heston Blumenthal set out to create his signature restaurant in the heart of old London, he vowed the brasserie's interior design would be as remarkable as its cuisine. Little wonder, then, that Tihany Design was entrusted with the estimable task of giving Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, the celebrated chef's Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park restaurant, its unforgettable visual style, and welcoming ambiance. Working with painstaking care, Adam Tihany started with a rich color palette and the solid yet sensory textures of leather, wood, brick, and iron reflective of 15th and 16th Century Great Britain. These visual elements were given an eye-catching updating to create an aesthetic both contemporary and true to traditional British interiors. Tihany's design makes a great restaurant even more memorable and stands as a crowning achievement of one of the world's most distinguished design firms.

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