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StrongProject is redefining Office Design & Corporate...

By: Daniel Evon / Photographs Courtesy of StrongProject

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StrongProject is Bringing Exciting, Hip, and Productivity-Enhancing Furniture to Corporate America

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Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, the StrongProject company is a Commercial interior design and office furnishing company that is on a mission: They are re-defining the Workplace & Corporate Culture while bringing exciting, hip, and productivity-enhancing furniture to corporate America. The fun, ergonomic, and even brain-stimulating office environment pioneered by tech giants such as Google and Microsoft inspired them to a high degree. StrongProject is bringing far-ranging thought and futuristic... Read More

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Collaboration-Focused Furniture and Design of the 21st Century

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When thinking about modern office design, one might wonder - will the cubicle (mocked in popular culture in various ways, such as the comic strip Dilbert and the film Office Space) still exist by the end of 2018? The office design experts at StrongProject answer with a qualified ‘yes’ – the ‘cube’ is constantly changing, and it’s moving away from its boring rectangular roots, allowing for more creative and less constricting workspaces. Acoustic furniture, which absorbs sound and... Read More

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Office Designs for Optimal Employee Performance

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StrongProject lets companies who use a personality test in human resources also use the same data to create office designs for optimal employee performance. Staff who score and understand these test results often benefit from office features such as acoustic furniture that will help with noise reduction, while “Thinker” personalities are naturally predisposed to very simple, bare-bones furnishings. Those workers whose personality type is centered on “intuition” thrive when given... Read More

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StrongProject Stays Ahead of the Curve Regarding all Things Related to Fashion and Design

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StrongProject stays ahead of the curve regarding all things related to fashion and design, tracking all of the available data, including events such as New York’s annual Fashion Week. Whether your designing furniture or clothing, color always plays a major role in human psyche as it can impact employee productivity and their mental outlook. Different hues affect neurology in various ways; for example, muted golds and yellows in an office can likewise energize employees but also make them feel... Read More

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StrongProjects Unique Office Designs for Today's Workspaces

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StrongProjects unique office design is leading the way with their online "Design Your Office" tool, where a layman can experiment with a variety of color plans and layouts for workspaces. If any office areas don't fall within the parameters for StrongProject's DIY tool, the company's designers can work with an AutoCAD file and tailor a corporate design for a unique floorplan. Sexy, uber-cool offices are no longer just for the tech titans anymore – StrongProject can outfit small and... Read More

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