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Zurich, Switzerland Getaway...Stay at the Baur au Lac...

By: Susannah Cord

  • Zurich, Switzerland Getaway...Stay at the Baur au Lac & Shop the Amazing Bahnhofstrasse!

Treat Yourself to a VIP Weekend in Zurich…From the Moment of Touchdown Until Departure

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If you gaze out of your window as you fly into Zurich, you will find little indication that this was once a Roman stronghold. Established around 15 B.C., the military base of Turicum, later known as Zurich in a colloquial interpretation of the Latin name, lies nestled between wooded hills with stunning views of the Alps, a now sprawling city on the shores of Lake Zurich that has become a modern playground for the rich and famous. Renowned for the craftsmen who built and eventually ruled Zurich for centuries, the city itself has become synonymous with luxury hotels and superb shopping, but for the best Zurich, Switzerland getaway, you’ll want to stay at the Baur au Lac and shop the amazing Bahnhofstrasse. And with their signature VIP Service, the Baur au Lac Hotel ensures that their guests land in the lap of luxury from the moment they set foot in Zurich.

  • Zurich, Switzerland Getaway...Stay at the Baur au Lac & Shop the Amazing Bahnhofstrasse!

Zurich is Located at the Northwestern End of Lake Zürich and is a Financial Powerhouse

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The Grand Dame of Zurich luxury hotels, the Baur au Lac, has held court in an exquisitely landscaped park on the shores of Lake Zurich since 1820, on the site of an ancient, filled-in war harbor. Laying claim to a history of tradition with innovation at the hands of six generations of the Baur family, the Baur au Lac is considered one of the finest hotels not just in Switzerland but the world and is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World Consortium. Recent extensive renovations have polished this gem of a hotel to a new and magnificent brilliance, with an exquisite lobby at its heart where High Tea is served in the best of British traditions. With a fitness center overlooking the lake and onsite Michelin-starred restaurants, not only the tastefully appointed rooms but the entire hotel is sure to provide an experience to remember.

  • Zurich, Switzerland Getaway...Stay at the Baur au Lac & Shop the Amazing Bahnhofstrasse!

Le Hall at the Grande Baur Au Lac...Zurich, Switzerland

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Renowned for its discretion and the extraordinary list of historical figures who have passed through its doors since inception, the Baur au Lac is rich not only in history but in stories, some of which will remain untold. Originally a villa, it was an upscale establishment intended for the aristocrat traveling incognito, and while today shopping may be more to the point, privacy is still assured, and the shopping has never been better. Whether looking for that classic Swiss watch or finely crafted accent piece, at the center of the Zurich experience beat the hearts of countless artisans, crafting exquisite pieces for the traveler with an eye for that special something. But while there are several renowned districts to discover when shopping in Zurich, there is only one that can claim a world-famous, astonishing, and unsurpassed array of sheer excellence.

  • Zurich, Switzerland Getaway...Stay at the Baur au Lac & Shop the Amazing Bahnhofstrasse!

The Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is One of the Top Shopping Destinations in Europe

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Only a few blocks walk from the Baur au Lac, a shopping experience extraordinaire awaits. While the historic boulevard ends at the lake, it has been said that Zurich begins with the legendary Bahnhofstrasse. Over a kilometer of boutiques, department stores, jewelry shops, and restaurants compete for the eye of the discerning customer, which may well be forgiven for being distracted by the architecture of the locale, boasting classic structural designs that go back centuries. With a worldwide reputation for excellence, the vendors of Bahnhofstrasse unite traditional quality with modern inspiration, representing both international and strictly local labels, unique items not to be found elsewhere, and fashion hot off the runway. A cornucopia of craftsmanship par excellence, days could easily be spent ‘lädeling,’ or strolling, in pursuit of the definitive Zurich purchase, interspersed with culinary experiences to satisfy even the gourmet.

  • Zurich, Switzerland Getaway...Stay at the Baur au Lac & Shop the Amazing Bahnhofstrasse!

The Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is Switzerland‘s Most Exclusive Shopping Street

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At the far end of Bahnhofstrasse lies the central station, and while shopping may be top of the list for a Zurich, Switzerland getaway, a soothing sojourn at Baur au Lac may be just the tonic to inspire an excursion. Perhaps to Schipfen, a historic quarter where artisans offer wares and instruction, or Fraumünster, an ancient convent. For a day alfresco, consider the Panorama Trail, a train ride to the summit of Üetliberg followed by an alpine hike to Felsenegg, where apple strudel and a gondola ride promise to reward the adventurous. Or take in the Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfall in Europe, followed by a boat ride on Lake Zurich, enjoying the city’s architectural highlights at sunset over a glass of champagne. Mind thus refreshed, and body restored by a restful night’s sleep at Baur au Lac, maybe there’s time to shop the amazing Bahnhofstrasse just one more time.

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