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Geoffrey Bradfield, Interior Designer Extraordinaire...

By: Susannah Cord / Photographs Courtesy of Geoffrey Bradfield

  • Luxury Interior Designer Geoffrey Bradfield

Luxury Interior Designer Geoffrey Bradfield

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Geoffrey Bradfield, Interior Designer Extraordinaire and Man of The World At Large, is a figure of fascinating contradictions. At first glance, the sophisticated gentleman, his demeanor suggests an immediate connection to his British ancestors. Still, the faintest of intonation to his impeccable speech points to his rural upbringing in the starkly beautiful Transkei in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Perhaps, it is this juxtaposition between his genetic profile and the influence of a childhood spent roaming a rugged coastline on horseback, which has informed his bold choices on the way to becoming the award-winning designer of choice for his ‘Silent Celebrities.’ The farm boy has become the Mfundisi of Design to the royalty of Hollywood, monarchies, and corporate empires alike.

  • Drawing Room Bradfield's previous townhouse and office Upper East Side of New York

Drawing Room Bradfield's Previous Townhouse and Office Upper East Side of New York

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Mfundisi, Zulu for Teacher, is a fitting nickname bestowed by his countrymen on the man, designer, and author who travels the world in search of ideas and inspiration and limits himself to neither a century nor a particular design method. Proof of his ingenuity may be found in his previous Manhattan residence, where functionality meets opulence in shades of Bradfield’s favorite color, white, aided by another Bradfield signature, the subtle use of mirrors to create a magical sense of space where there this is little. While the townhouse façade proudly displays its 1869 heritage - in white, of course - the interior is serenely the 21st Century; the rooms, true to Bradfield’s grand passion, are designed and wrapped around exquisite works of contemporary art.

  • Geoffrey Bradfield, Interior Designer Extraordinaire and Man of The World At Large

Geoffrey Bradfield's Remembrance of Things Past Room Evoked the Splendor of a Bygone Era

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Bradfield, named a Dean of American Design by Architectural Digest, a Top Ten Designer by The Robb Report, and The Billionaire’s Designer by the press, remains humble and deeply rooted in his “background of sunshine.” Claiming as his main inspirations the timeless beauty of nature, the verve of contemporary art, and the complexities of past design trends, this trifecta of muses indicates how Bradfield’s signature style of contrasting elements in effortless harmony appears to evolve so effortlessly with each project. Coupled with his comprehension of humanity’s innate need for ‘creature comforts,’ he brings to each undertaking an understanding of his client’s individuality, tailoring his designs to meet their particular preferences. And whether a yacht, jet, or mansion, glamour, and elegance are never far behind.

  • Library of Westbury, designed by Geoffrey Bradfield

Library of Westbury, Designed by Geoffrey Bradfield

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Continually enriched and inspired by his travels, Bradfield has developed a global client list that sees him traveling the world searching for inspiration, antiques, and unique works of art around which to create his designs. With projects in as far-flung places as Tokyo, Dubai, and Jerusalem, it is fortunate that he finds such travel brings vitality to the dialogue of international language in his interior designs. Having become a favorite with a burgeoning Asian clientele, Bradfield hones his singular perspective to a fine point in combination with the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, further heightening his renown with members of the Asian elite and their massive residences in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing.

  • East-Sider and Interior Designer Geoffrey Bradfield

East-Sider and Interior Designer Geoffrey Bradfield

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While Bradfield’s international clientele counts such notables as the late King Hussein to Hollywood director Oliver Stone, he continues to yearn for his home country while keeping his feet firmly planted, refusing to “believe his own press.” A painting in his residence, Ancestral Void, infused with pigments used by South African tribes in rituals, is his “piece of home,” and he recalls turns of phrase from his Afrikaans cultural heritage with ease. Then again, Bradfield may well be heard quoting William Foster while judging a National Chinese Design Competition, or Confucius while designing a London townhouse for a Persian princess. And while his books are as prized by designers as collectors, surely they, too are quoted for the sheer pleasure of quoting Geoffrey Bradfield.

Watch Video: Geoffrey Bradfield at his former home on the Upper East Side on Park Avenue in New York

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