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The American Bar at the Iconic Savoy...

By: Skye Sherman / Photographs Courtesy of Savoy London

  • The American Bar at the Iconic Savoy...A Legacy of Celebrity and Royalty

American Bar at the Savoy, London was Recently Awarded the Title of the World’s Best Bar 2017

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There’s a reason the iconic American Bar at the five-star Savoy in London was recently awarded the title of the World’s Best Bar at World’s 50 Best Bars 2017. In fact, there are more than a hundred years worth of reasons. Named for serving American-style mixed drinks--a trend that grew into a tradition of artfully designed craft cocktails--the American Bar is the longest standing bar in Europe, having maintained the same name since the late nineteenth century. In 1903, the bar’s first distinguished tender arrived--and was none other than a woman. Ada “Coley” Coleman’s signature Hanky Panky remains a popular order at the American Bar today, and her successor, Harry Craddock, was responsible for the invention of several classic concoctions of his own. He cemented his legacy by compiling the Savoy’s recipes into the esteemed Savoy Cocktail Book. The compendium maintains its acclaim as a bartender’s bible to this very day.

  • The American Bar at the Iconic Savoy...A Legacy of Celebrity and Royalty

If Walls Could Talk, the Elegant Interior of the Famous American Bar at the Savoy

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If walls could talk, the elegant interior of the famous American Bar would tell stories of notable visits from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway, Neil Armstrong, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and more. The American Bar’s lively piano-club feel has appealed to stars, dignitaries, and the international jet set for over a century. Celebrities and royalty alike praise the Savoy for its untouchable standard of service and finely curated selection of tipples. The current menu is modeled after a coast-to-coast journey through the United Kingdom, taking inspiration from the distinctive cocktail characters of each region. For example, the Sapphire Jubilee Fizz was borne of the libation created for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. It features a sapphire-painted glass bubbling with fine champagne and all the elegance of London’s royal family. When it comes to old-world class melding with modern sophistication, the American Bar stands proudly as the pinnacle of exceptional dining experiences.

  • The American Bar at the Iconic Savoy...A Legacy of Celebrity and Royalty

Extraordinary in Delivery, with a Level of Class All Its Own, The American Bar

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The enduring legacy of The American Bar doesn’t end with dazzling decor and world-renowned clientele. Each time you consider the choice between shaken and stirred, you can credit the American Bar at the Savoy. The dry martini was invented there, and ever since, the Savoy has set the standard for all that a martini should be. Served in a small, pre-chilled glass and composed of only the freshest and finest ingredients, the martini owes its popularity to its origin stemming from the capable hands behind the American Bar. The London staple is a sip that would make even James Bond proud. Today, the highly respectable Erik Lorinz ensures that the legacy of the American Bar endures for future generations to enjoy. He blazes a softly trodden path as one of just eleven people to ever have held the title of head bartender at the Savoy.

  • The American Bar at the Iconic Savoy...A Legacy of Celebrity and Royalty

A Martini at the American Bar is a Fully Immersive Treat for the Ssenses

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Of course, visually striking creations are just the beginning of the cocktail experience at the American Bar. Choice ingredients assembled by gifted bartenders at the forefront of their craft round out the delivery of the drink. Ordering a cocktail at the American Bar is more than your average boozy rendezvous; instead, it’s the appreciation of art, ambiance, a chance to indulge in the sensual savoring of a consumable masterpiece. Patrons can enjoy a live pianist spilling American Jazz from the keys seven nights of the week. A martini at the American Bar is a fully immersive treat for the senses, an iconic and imaginative capturing of the best this life has to offer.

  • The American Bar at the Iconic Savoy...A Legacy of Celebrity and Royalty

Indulging in a Cocktail at the American Bar Inside the Iconic Savoy is a Must

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Cocktails and glamour aside, the true allure of the American Bar is its enchanting ability to transport the modern man to days gone by. Extraordinary in delivery, with a level of class all its own, the Savoy is a fixture of London, the ultimate haven to see and be seen. Located on the north bank of the Thames River, the Savoy provides a premier location for hassle-free access to the arts and culture of Covent Garden. Guests can attend the ballet or opera, stroll London’s most celebrated museums and galleries, and enjoy designer shopping in Knightsbridge just a short distance from the warmth of their Savoy suite. Indulging in a cocktail at the American Bar inside the iconic establishment is a must on any visit to London, a fine place to mingle with celebrities and royalty, and the ideal spot to allow history to come alive and envelop your senses.

Watch Video: The American Bar at the Iconic Savoy...A Legacy of Celebrity and Royalty.

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