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Five Stunning World Class Pools

By: Cindy Ferraino / Photographs Courtesy of 4-Seasons Shanghai, Marina Bay Sands, Caesar Augustus, Conrad Bali & Hearst Castle

  • Five Stunning World Class Pools

Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shangha

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Nestled in the electrifying Pudong District, guests at the Four Seasons Shanghai can relax and unwind in the luxurious infinity pool. Located on the 41st level, this inviting retreat boasts dramatic views of the Shanghai landscape. Floating up to the glass windows, guests will soak in a glimpse of the bustling street activity along Century Avenue. As the stress of the day melts quickly away in the warm water of the unique pool design, guests can feast their eyes on the captivating beauty of the Huangpu River. After floating in the soothing waters of the gorgeous infinity pool, guests can sit back and indulge in tempting drinks and food from the bar. For those guests who like to enjoy a late-night swim and nightcap, the hotel staff is eager and ready to make the experience both pleasurable and memorable.

  • The Infinity pool, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Infinity Pool, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Known as the “Garden City,” Singapore is the crown jewel of tourism in Southeast Asia. With a huge focus on tourism, many hotels like the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore has met the expectations of those who are looking to satisfy a taste of a luxurious vacation. Hailed as the world’s largest sky top infinity pool, the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore is the number #1 destination for guests looking to soak in the sights and sounds of Singapore in a relaxing environment. From the moment the elevator reaches the rooftop deck, the welcoming atmosphere is absolutely breathtaking. Guests can swim up to the pool edge and watch the beauty of Singapore unfold right before their eyes. The bar offers many delicious drinks and food, and the lounge area is inviting with luxurious seating and excellent hotel amenities.

  • Hotel Caesar Augustus, Capri, Italy

Hotel Caesar Augustus, Capri, Italy

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With a gorgeous panoramic backdrop of the Bay of Naples, the Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri, Italy is a popular vacation destination for those with a flair for luxury and design. Just like its namesake Caesar Augustus, this hotel is brimming with opulence and splendor. The rooms have luxurious private baths and amenities to meet the needs of any guest. Along with stunning rooms and fabulous food and entertainment venues, the infinity pool is the hottest spot for visitors to take in the wonders of the Amalfi Coast. Overlooking the Bay of Naples, a dip in the infinity pool provides a perfect opportunity for patrons to take in the view of Mount Vesuvius and the town of Sorrento.

  • The Conrad Bali Pool, Indonesia

The Conrad Bali pool, Indonesia

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The Conrad Bali Resort in Bail, Indonesia is a premier vacation destination on the coast of Nusa Dua at Tanjung Benoa. Opened in 2004 the Villa has been rated as one of the best luxurious hotels in Indonesia and boasts the largest pool in all of Bali. Open 24 hours a day; the pool is the popular spot for guests of all ages. Once the sun slowly fades into the horizon, the lights around the pool create a warm, opulent glow that attracts visitors to engage in a beautiful late night swim. For guests that are situated in the breathtaking rooms on the lagoon just have to walk a few steps to have their own entrance into the pool area. In addition to the main pool area, there is another pool that is a welcome retreat. Their food and bar service is inclusive to guests staying at the resort.

  • Neptune Pool Hearst Castle, California

Neptune Pool Hearst Castle, California

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At the beginning of the twentieth-century luxury homes in California began to dot the landscape with amenities that catered to those looking to bask in the glow of new found wealth associated with the motion picture industry. The Neptune pool which is on the Estate of Hearst Castle, and was the finest pool built in the United States at that time. The Hearst family hosted many parties where celebrities and dignitaries came to relax and inhale the beauty of Central California. This incredible estate at San Simeon was the culmination of a young William Hearst who saw magical wonders as a young man while traveling with his parents in Europe.

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