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Bal Harbor, Florida Luxury Home

ge and the Kingdom of Maitreya, the future Buddha. Here we see a Mixed-Media Masterpiece titled "Enter Shambhala" from Barrett Evon and the Studios of Art Chateau. Perfect for modern decorating and luxury homes in Bal Harbor, Florida.

Top Interior Designers in Las Vegas

the fundamental forces known in the universe mathematically. The ultimate goal of connecting gravity and electromagnetic force into a fifth dimension. This is indeed an abstraction but does frequently occur in mathematics, where it is a legitimate construct. So, welcome to a vision of "Fifth-Dimension III." This Mixed-Media tableau from Barrett Evon and Art Chateau's Studios is ideal for modern interior design projects in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Luxury Condos in Brickell

the Greek Goddess of love. This Mixed-Media photograph from Art Chateau is perfect for Miami luxury condos in Brickell.

Central Park West Penthouse NYC

s considered the inventor of American Modern Dance with her free-flowing hair, bare feet, and unrestrictive tunic. Here we see a remastered, Mixed-Media photograph from Art Chateau. Ideal for a luxury Interior design project and a Central Park West Penthouse in New York City.

San Francisco Luxury Penthouse

s throughout his life. Here we see a nuanced and remastered Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau. Perfect for modern interior design and a luxury penthouse in San Francisco, California.

The Best Interior Designers in Miami, FL

m Art Chateau. Further, this unique piece has been remastered at our Studios using our exclusive Technique known as Digital-Verssage. Perfect for classical decorating and the best interior designers in Miami, Florida.

Venetian Islands, Miami Beach Homes

itself to be the most powerful, cultural force of its kind, having earned the undivided attention of famous Argentine dancers such as German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi. This remastered, Mixed-Media photograph is titled "Incandescent Tango" and perfect for high-rise condos and luxury Miami Beach Homes on the Venetian Islands.

Atlanta Luxury Homes

phical Society in 1875. Her esoteric movement gained an international following thru her books and public narrations. Here we see an enigmatic work of art, suggestive of Blavatsky's abstract Theosophy. Perfect for modern interior design and luxury homes in Atlanta, Georgia.

Best Art Galleries in the Hamptons

become synonymous the world over with a certain style unto itself. The high elegance of casual is a breath of fresh air, with pastels on display and the urgency of Manhattan on hold. Perfect for Montauk and the best Galleries in the Hamptons.

Buckhead, Atlanta Luxury Home

ind, ego, and emotions. It's also about how one can transcend, understand and grow from a spiritual perspective. This wonderful work of art will captivate all those who gaze upon it. Great for modern interior design and luxury homes in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Best Art Galleries in Los Angeles

nt. The veneration in which his countrymen held the composer of Aida, Rigoletto, and Otello was a tribute to his achievement as a National figure of Italian pride. In Milan, at seven o'clock on the misty morning of January 30th, 1901, as the Hearst bore his coffin to the cemetery, the crowd along the route began to sing the great "Va, Pensiero" (The Chant of the Hebrew Slaves, from Nabucco) which has virtually become the new Italian National anthem, and now remembered by many as "Verdi's Requiem." This Mixed-Media painting and tribute from Barrett Evon are perfect for modern interiors and the Best Art Galleries in Los Angeles.

Pacific Palisades Luxury Home

s. At Art Chateau, we believe that this literary incantation can also manifest thru art, so here, we are pleased to present this tangible Invocation. Perfect for modern interior design projects and luxury homes in Pacific Palisades, California.

Luxury Manhattan Condo

Metamorphosis, The Trial, and Das Schloss is widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature. His work has influenced countless writers, philosophers, and artists, thus, the title "Homage to Kafka." A Mixed-Media painting from Barrett Evon and the Studios of Art Chateau. Great for modern interior design and a Luxury Manhattan Condo in New York City.

Best Art Galleries in Palm Springs

ls are composed of. For millennia, Mother of Pearl has been used for decorative objects for Kings and Queens, Musical Instruments, dining accouterment. This Mixed-Media Masterpiece from Art Chateau is perfect modern decoration and the best Galleries in Palm Springs, California.

Memorial, Houston, TX Luxury Homes

nto a brave new world where everything we once knew is contorted and dystopian. For some, the new way is a perceived Utopia; it's the road to perdition for others. The ensuing conversation is existential, and this new Masterpiece could be a catalyst for dialogue and hope. Perfect for contemporary interiors and luxury homes in Memorial, Houston, Texas.

Top Art Galleries in Las Vegas

d each night in the West. This is why the West side of the Nile was known as the land of the dead. Perfect for modern interior design projects and the Best Art Galleries in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Upper West Side Luxury Condos

h the repetition of a mantra, one may reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness; further, many practitioners often focus intensively on one particular object. Perhaps this work of art will bring reflection? Ideal for modern Interior Design and Luxury Condos on the Upper West Side.

Best Interior Designers in Austin, TX

the illusion of being a series of unspoken reflections. We believe that this work of art has an unspoken Soliloquy and perfect for contemporary homes and the best interior designers in Austin, Texas.

Westlake, Texas Luxury Home

publication of "The Origin of Species," Darwin radically changed how the world looks at biology forever and has fundamentally impacted views on Evolution in the 21st-century. Perfect for modern decorating and Luxury homes in Westlake, Texas.

Preston Hollow Luxury Mansion

engaging epigraphers to dive into. Well, that's not exactly true. There are still a handful of ancient writing systems that still need to be cracked. So, if you're up for a challenge, you'll have the Proto-Elamite writings from Ancient Persia, and then there are the Symbols of the Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished over 4,000 years ago. Regarding this tableau, some researchers might argue that the symbols in this work of art are ambiguous; we would simply say there's no absolute consensus. Perhaps, you will see a message from the past? This enigmatic tableau would be great for luxury Mansions and homes at Preston Hollow in Dallas.

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