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Sarah Harrop, after Painting by Angelica Kauffman

The sheet music is a Handel aria, as the sitter was most famous for her roles in that German-born composer’s works. A Mixed-Media Painting from the Studios of Art Chateau.

Rendevous, after Arthur Georg von Ramberg

iece by Von Ramberg, “Rendezvous”, is a Romantic genre of two lovers meeting on an alpine lake. Remastered at our Studios in 2015.

Nazarene School Painting, after Franz Kadlik

y of Czernin. Our Mixed-Media painting shows the earnest sensibility of the Nazarene school born of Romanticism.

Best Interior Designers Greenwich, CT

to produce "The Worlds Finest Classical Reproductions." Further, this remarkable tableau will set the tone and style of any decorating project. It is a perfect picture for the best interior designers in Greenwich, Connecticut, and beyond.

Baroque Style Painting

yle. Here we see a fine Baroque “Recital” from 1880, perfectly framed by gold-colored marble and ornamentation. This engaging Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for Baroque Style interiors.

Belle Epoque Painting, after Heinrich Schlimarski

an inclusion of a Symbolist halo.

Two Children in a Park Landscape, after Anton Einsle

ly in an attractive garden setting, with each child displaying unique personality and emotion amid intricate detail and vivid color. Remastered in 2014.

La Belle Epoque Masterpiece, after Friedrich von Amerling

nd gorgeous coloring, in a canvas depicting pure maternal love. A Mixed-Media Painting.

Los Angeles Interior Designers

m and a European Harem girl. This breathtaking tableau will make a stunning focal point for any design project and is perfect for modern interior designers in Los Angeles.

The Flood, after Neoclassical Painting by Adolf Chwala

capes. This classical work showing the Biblical deluge highlights Chwala’s peerless ability while rendering with dramatic coloring and lighting.

Neoclassical Painting, after Franz Eybl

ered by Austrian artist Franz Eyb in 1850, our nuanced Mixed-Media work of art was painstakingly remastered by Art Chateau in 2016.

960 Fifth Avenue Apartment, NYC

aroque Revival painting. Here a pair of innocent young lovers meeting in a happy, sunlit scene of romance. This new Mixed-Media painting is a heartwarming reminder of generations past and a perfect focal point for traditional decorating and luxury apartments at 960 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

British Heritage Design painting, Two GrayHounds

with unique and expressive faces, their anatomy and coats captured perfectly in a work conjuring the essence of these best friends.

Classical Interior Design painting, after Joseph Schuster

il, texture, and facture is unmistakable in his “Still Life” from 1863, a visual smorgasbord that never fails to amaze the eye and mind. A Mixed-Media Painting.

Saint Gallen Crossing During an Approaching Storm

weather, in one of his many miraculous adventures in old Germany, as he tried to convert the pagans to Christianity. Remastered at our Studios in 2015.

Banquet of the Pharisee, after Artus Wolfaerts

orkshops. Here we see a wonderfully remastered Mixed-Media tribute to the great artist, from the Studios of Art Chateau.

The Comtesse d'Egmont Pignatelli, after Alexander Roslin

onderful Mixed-Media painting of a well-bred lady at ease, displaying sumptuous attire as well as her very idiosyncratic mood.

The Mother of God after Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

tion. His Mother of God painting from 1914 was influenced by his early career as an icon painter.

Bathing the Red Horse, after Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

tion. His Bathing of a Red Horse in 1912 was an immediate success and became his most iconic work. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

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The World's Finest Classical Reproductions

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