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The Alhambra: Rich in History and Culture

Islamic law to the Iberian Peninsula. After the fall of Cordoba in 1236, Muslims sought refuge in Granada, and the city became the capital of an independent emirate. For the next 250 years, Granada existed as one of the wealthiest cities in medieval Europe, and it was the heart of a formidable kingdom. In the late 15th century, the Christian Reconquista led a military campaign against Granada, and in 1492, the king was forced to surrender the city. Following the Reconquista, religious persecution took its toll, and Granada fell into a deep decline. It wasn't until the late 19th century that the city began to rebuild and modernize.

The 2022, Rolls-Royce Dawn...Silver Bullet...Limited Edition

e Silver Bullet unites tradition with innovative technology and sleek aesthetics to bring forth an experience like no other. With a limited edition of just 50 units, this unique Rolls-Royce is an excellent choice for auto collectors looking to add a very limited run to their collection. Indeed, it will be remembered as the most stunning and exclusive Dawn Models of all time.

Morgan Aero 8

al manufacturing techniques and modern innovations, the Morgan Aero 8 is unparalleled when it comes to luxury car craftsmanship. Each car was built from ash wood, hand-stamped aluminum, and luxurious leather. Every chassis was assembled by hand using Morgan's exclusive techniques that have been handed down throughout the generations, leading to a quality not obtained by its competitors. From its open-top to its rolled edges, the Morgan Aero 8 is a classic top-of-the-line Roadster when it comes to British sports cars.

Mercedes F015 Concept Car

car, the F015, is more than just a car; it's a personal haven and private retreat that allows its driver a whole new experience with mobile living space. The F015 is more than just spacious and modern; it's also self-driving. And there's more to gain than just comfort and safety from autonomous driving. There's time, and that's exactly what Mercedes had in mind, giving something that no car has ever been able to give. It created a place like home, with all the amenities, to make the commute less like work and more like life.

The 2022, Bentley Continental GT Convertible

ars are as extravagantly stylish as the new Continental GT Convertible. The car's new design includes pronounced fenders, a stylized front bumper, and slip style rear spoiler, combining in a way that makes the Continental GT look assertive and ready to race. From the purr of its engine to its ability to handle high-speed corners, this award-winning Bentley is a car lover's dream, designed for those who want to be extraordinary.

Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco...High in the Atlas Mountains

or visitors who want to unwind and enjoy the mountain air. The walled-in grounds are a relaxing retreat and surrounded by centuries of history. According to Greek mythology, the Atlas Mountains were home to Atlas, the leader of the Titans and the god who carried the sky on his back. Kasbah Tamadot captures the mythical spirit of its surroundings and makes each guest feel like a modern-day god or goddess.

The St. Regis Bora Bora

and Raiatea, and the extinct volcano Mount Otemanu, the highest point in Tahiti. There are 24 Superior Overwater, One-Bedroom Villas for guests to choose from. Each villa overlooks the turquoise lagoon and includes a private terrace and gazebo. Villas are 1,550 square feet of total privacy, offering guests a relaxing and secluded stay atop pristine water. The hotel also offers guests exclusive accommodations and amenities, including world-class spa facilities, elite water excursions, and fine dining experiences.

Studio 54, Culture of the Night

anged when he met business partner Ian Schrager. Rubell and Schrager tested out their business savvy by opening two clubs, one in Boston and one in Queens, before buying and converting Studio 54.

Rovos Rail, Journey Through The Heart Of Africa

nsidered your every comfort and provides only the best amenities, including an opulent viewing car, luxurious private sleeping cars, and dining cars that serve divine meals. Whether you’re looking for a short, two-day journey or a month-long trip, Rovos Rail has options for you.

The New Embraer 500 Brand Ambassador...Jackie Chan

d aircraft manufacturer, Chan was gifted with the newest model, the Embraer Legacy 500. The base model of this plane retails for more than $20 million, making it a hefty investment. The aircraft is well worth the investment, with its top-of-the-line equipment and amenities for a comfortable journey. The plane has a range of 3,596 miles, meaning it can travel from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Hawaii, non-stop.

The Capture of the Westmorland...a Historical Episode in Time

Dunstanville, was painted by Pompeo Batoni in 1778. Basset commissioned the artwork while on a Grand Tour of Rome with fellow British travelers.

Sofitel SO, Bangkok, A Multi-Sensory Indulgence

ine. Guests can also wander across the street and enjoy the urban green space of Lumphini Park, where you’re likely to see local families enjoying the weather on lovely days.

A Weekend in New York

y, but you might be surprised just how much you can see and do in a short trip. Take a look at our weekend plan for some ideas. After arriving in the city, check into the St. Regis, where you'll be greeted by luxury right in the heart of the city for ease of getting around to all the most iconic sights.

Merry Bloomsday...Raise a Sacramental Guinness...

out pain from iritis, an inflammation of the eye—arriving at the apartment, in a residential hotel on the Rue de l'Université. He saw a man and a woman amidst a scattered scene; clothes and toilet articles were loitered everywhere in the apartment. The mysterious man was James Joyce; he was wrapped in a blanket, wearing dark glasses and hovering over a plate that contained the remains of a chicken and holding a half-empty bottle of wine. Several months before, on February 2nd, this same James Joyce had published what some considered then, and many consider now, as the greatest work of prose fiction ever written in the English Language. Thus began the Odyssey of Ulysses and the legacy of James Joyce.

Joyce Young Bridal Couture...

and Hillary Clinton, American brides are also discovering the Glasgow dressmaker. With a renowned gift for choosing fabrics and color to be molded into exceptional designs with an exquisite touch of flair, Joyce Young designs are distinctively hers, exhibiting a particular feel and flow that cannot be mistaken. Carefully fitted to flatter, a Joyce Young garment is tailored to enhance and draped to embrace the wearer with elegance and femininity. Timeless and yet contemporary, Joyce Young gowns have been inspired by the romance of everything from the roaring twenties to the liberated sixties, from Downton Abbey to Hollywood glamour, while never losing sight of the most important aspect of all – the bride they adorn.

Behold, Burlesque is Alive and Well

any in the 1920s when the city was prospering, and decadence flowed like champagne. Now, each year, the best burlesque performers in the world flock to Berlin to put on one of the steamiest, most breathtaking weekends of striptease, acrobatics, humor, and of course, eroticism. The showstopper of the evening is Germany's own Marlene Von Steenvag, who's known as "The Queen of Burlesque." Von Steenvag will be joined by other performers from various locations around the world, such as the United States, Sweden, Portugal, Australia, and the UK.

Chateau de Versailles, Sex, Lies and the Guillotine

nitiated by his son, Louis XIV. Architect Louis Le Vau designed and supervised the expansion project from 1661 until his death in 1670. The expansion project, which added three new wings that surrounded the original building, continued until 1678. Andre Le Notre designed and landscaped the extensive gardens. Notre also built a multitude of fountains with help from the interior decorator, Charles Le Brun. Versailles served as the home for the French king until the French Revolution in 1789.

Lake Como “A treasure which the Earth keeps to itself”...

throughout history, including the English poet William Wordsworth, who used his rhythmic prose to capture the utter brilliance of the landscape surrounding the area. Wordsworth first arrived at Lake Como in 1790 while taking a walking tour through France and the Swiss Alps. You can read more of his journeys in his poems, Descriptive Sketches, published in 1793.

Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

d onto an aircraft that will transport jet-setters from one location to the next in the utmost comfort and splendor. The experience begins the moment you set foot on the jetliner, as you take in the sumptuous furnishings and attentive staff. Your trip will be personalized from start to finish with exceptional travel guides, unique itineraries, and deluxe Four Seasons accommodations.

William Tyndale...Pioneering Liberator who gave...

nd arrest heretic upon sight. Tyndale was indeed on the run. But why? For murder? For theft? No. Tyndale was translating the Bible into English for the common people to read and understand. Before Tyndale, the Bible was read-only by the clergy and the educated. Tyndale was partly responsible for bringing religion to the masses, and for that, he became a fugitive and had to leave England in fear for his life.