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Italian Villa, San Antonio, Texas

. This work by the artist shows his rare ability to choose the best color and pose each bird in a most pleasing aesthetic. This Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is well suited for Classical Decorating and Italian Villas in San Antonio, Texas.

French Chateau in Dallas, TX

udies were marked by their risque quality, although this beautiful interior is somewhat tame even for the artist’s time. This tableau was remastered in 2016 at the Studios of Art Chateau and would be perfect for French Chateaus in Dallas, Texas.

Best Interior Designers in Birmingham, AL

is a masterful painting that shows a girl who resembles a miniature adult in many ways, in a colorful canvas with Baroque iconography. This charming Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for Classical Decorating and the Best Interior Designers in Birmingham, Alabama.

Lady with the Veil, after Swedish artist Alexander Roslin

lin renders the image of his wife, who emerges from her dark veil with an entrancing glance for her husband.

820 Fifth Avenue NYC

op specializing in religious subjects and rendered conservatively in the tradition of the Early Netherlandish period. This remarkable Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau was remastered in 2019 and is well suited for Pre-War Luxury Apartments and the stunning Beresford at 211 Central Park West, NYC.

Swedish Rococo Style Painting of Cupid, after Fredric Westin

tin painted voluminous mythological figures of Zuse and Hebe as well as the fantastical Mixed-Media painting of Cupid that we see here.

A Day of Celebration, after Painting by Fanny Brate

rous and spiritual. Remastered by the Studio Artist at Art Chateau.

Fishing Departure, after Danish artist Emmanuel Petersen

s fellow Danes, hence his scenes are always sunny and never blustery. Here we see a typical Petersen painting showcasing native customs, and remastered at Art Chateau.

Death of King Gustav II, after Carl Wahlbom

ggle. The dramatic end of a proud and noble life is captured in this colorful Mixed-Media composition from Art Chateau, c.2014.

Traditional Interior Design Trends for 2021

s work seen here is a breathtaking vision of fall, masterfully colored, with leaves, light, and shade expertly executed with a superbly gifted hand. This colorful Mixed-Media tableau is a great example of Traditional Interior Design Trends for 2021.

Niels Ryberg, with his Son Johan and Daughter-in-Law Engelke

see Juel’s rendering of a successful landowner on his country estate posed with his son and daughter-in-law. A Mixed-Media Painting.

Manhattan NYC Luxury Townhouse

n but undaunted in the face of late Autumn. This amazing work of art was remastered and painted at the Studios of Art Chateau. This whimsical Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for luxury Townhouses in Manhattan.

The Dakota NYC Luxury Apartment

rch and nobility. His knowledge of interior furnishing and adornment is plainly evident in this exquisite Mixed-Media painting. Perfect for traditional interior design and luxury apartments at the Dakota in New York City.

Best Interior Designers in Charleston, SC

harkens back to another century, where chivalrous gentlemen loved only purely and helped proper ladies with courtly manners. This gallant Mixed-Media is a real crowd pleaser and perfect for the Best Interior Designers in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Apthorp 2207 Broadway NYC

fted in depicting fashionable young women, as he did here in “Neapolitan Beauties,” with a keen eye for detail, a fine sense of color, and peerless execution. This gorgeous tableau will command the attention of all those who gaze upon it. Perfect for Classical Italian Villas and luxury condos at the Apthorp in New York City.

Art Galleries in West Palm Beach, FL

ular songs, and gymnastics. In 1926 Josephine Baker, the American expatriate dancer, singer, and entertainer, caused a huge sensation at the Folies Bergere by dancing in a costume made of a string of artificial bananas and little else. This Mixed-Media painting is ideal for Modern Interiors and the Best Art Galleries in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Lake Las Vegas Luxury Homes

arenna in Lombardy’s Lakes Region entrances with vibrant flowers and Alpine majesty. This lovely Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for Tuscan Style interiors and luxury homes in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL Luxury Homes

ed for her embodiment of the Hollywood sex symbol, which changed attitudes towards modern sexuality well into the 21st-Century. Perfect for Modern Interior Design projects and luxury homes in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Santa Barbara Italian Villa

canvas rich with detail and executed with refined technique. This engaging Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is a perfect focal point for luxury Villas in Santa Barbara, California.

Sir Sampson Gideon and Companion, after Pompeo Batoni

arliament and son of a wealthy banker, with Jacob Chambers, these two gentlemen made an excursion throughout Italy seeking artifacts of the Roman Empire. Art Chateau c.2015.

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