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Art Nouveau Pastel, Limited Edition (3/50)

ernist Mixed-Media monochrome is suggestive of primitive Javanese art yet brings twentieth-century impulses to our remastered painting.

Neoclassical Study, Limited Edition (2/50)

oclassical study of three nudes, the three graces of mythology who promise fertility. Remastered in 2017.

Feminine Study by Enjolras, Limited Edition (6/50)

udies were marked by their risque quality, although this beautiful interior is somewhat tame even for the artist’s time. Remastered in 2016.

Baroque Fine Art, Limited Edition (4/50)

racle by the sainted Pope, who gave the envoy some dust from Rome where martyrs died, which later turned to blood. Remastered in 2018.

Belle Epoque Painting, Limited Edition (6/50)

f a aristocratic lady of Paris posed elegantly in a rather dark and moody likeness suggesting the sophistication and intellect of the subject.

Dusseldorf School Painting, Limited Edition (13/50)

l, masterfully colored, and evokes the serenity and primal joy of the family unit. A Mixed-Media work of art.

Mid-Century Modern, Limited Edition (9/50)

study of a robust and independent Queen presiding over the charismatic Raleigh. Remastered at Art Chateau in 2016.

Trousdale Estates Interior Design

s suggestive of primitive Javanese art, yet brings 21st-Century Pop-Art impulses to this remastered, Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau. Perfect for Classical Decorating.

French Rococo Style, Limited Edition (12/50)

technique. Over his lifetime composed hundreds of prints and drawings as we see here in his Venis and Cupid, a quintessential rendering. Remastered at Art Chateau.

Russian Expressionist Artist, Limited Edition (14/50)

nd the Far East. In 1926 he was awarded the Legion of Honor by the French government. Here we see a wonderful remastered group of Tibetan Lamas from Art Chateau.

Hyacinthe Rigaud, Empire Style, Limited Edition (4/50)

omplishment, an honor bestowed on only a few men of personal honor and dignity in the nation’s history. Mixed-Media painting.

Map of Chateau de Belleroy, Limited Edition (4/50)

n innovative castle estate in terms of its architecture and landscaping. Remastered at the Studios of Art Chateau in 2016.

Hemispherical Map of the World, Limited Edition (9/50)

agen’s best-known work, indebted heavily to Johannes Blaeu‘s earlier world chart for its geographic content and stylistic inspiration. Remastered at Art Chateau in 2016.

The Bells of Saint Mary, Signed Limited Edition (9/50)

is, as we see here. This wonderful Mixed-Media painting of the sensual actress Ingrid Bergman from "The Bells of Saint Mary" has captured the wholesome and seductive persona of the Swedish Icon. This fine Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for modern interior design and the Estates at Southern Highlands, Las Vegas.

Charity, Signed Limited Edition (25/50)

in the 15th-Century painting. This remarkable work of art on canvas has been painstakingly remastered with acrylic paint, Gold Leaf, Air Brush, Art Pencils, and digital enhancements.

Bebe Daniels, Silent Screen actress, Limited Edition (24/50)

new version of the 1921 rendering of the great silent screen actress Bebe Daniels. This centennial tribute was painstakingly rendered in 2021 with acrylic paint, Air Brush, Fine Art Pencils, and Digital enhancements.

Hollywood Regency Photo, Colorized, Limited Edition (19/50)

Canary Murder Case". Colorized and Remastered at Art Chateau in 2016.

Romantic Style Painting, Limited Edition (17/50)

nude woman and her violin which evokes a certain degree of eroticism. A Mixed-Media painting.

Mid-Century Modern Painting, Limited Edition (24/50)

homoerotic artists, such as Tom of Finland. His paintings were traded and often appeared in Gay pulp magazines of that era.