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Omega Ambassador Cindy Crawford & Family Radiates Warmth for the Iconic

s supermodel has graced magazine covers from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar in the 80s and 90s and appeared in fashion campaigns for fabulous brands including Versace, Calvin Klein and Revlon. And for Omega, Crawford has traversed the globe for more than two decades, thrilling patrons from Santiago to London and Sydney with her stunning looks and glamorous presence. She champions Omega watches at grand openings of their upscale boutiques and accentuates the timeless tradition and fierce reliability of the Swiss timepieces. Crawford believes the classic beauty and simple elegance of Omega watches permit them to double as fine jewelry.

Tom Ford... Influencing Contemporary Culture...

ly pleasing appearances, and drives toward artistic perfection. A man who prefers a monochromatic look, Ford grew up fascinated by design, and spent part of his youth rearranging the family’s furniture. His real estate agent parents encouraged him to pursue his passions, so he studied at NYU, acted in commercials, and enrolled in architecture at Parsons School of Design. Ford shifted his interest to fashion after interning at Chloe in Paris and sketched at Cathy Hardwick despite having little fashion knowledge. While in New York, the ever-creative Ford observed glamorous disco dancers at Studio 54, which would ultimately influence his future clothing designs.

Luxury Brand Bulgari...

ewelry production fa

Holland & Holland

g arms. He was later

Gallery-Gloss: The World's Finest Classical Reproductions & Original Art

, Large format Brand of Original and Classical Reproduction Art, with our Trademark Technique known as "Zhee-Klay-Verssage." Because of the enormous void in High-End Reproductions, and Original Art, we painstakingly developed this amazing Brand of Glossy, Focal-Point Fine Art that has captured the imagination of the Interior Design community. At the Studios of Art Chateau, our mission was to remaster and create a new Benchmark for superior Classical works of Art that would shine in the new light of the 21st Century, enabling designers to effectively decorate with the Classics while producing an amazingly hip and modern presentation. </p> <p> Our Trademark Mixed-Media, Gallery-Gloss paintings involve remastering Classical Digital Images and applying Corrections and Enhancement. We then follow by carefully printing on Fine Archival canvas, continuing we meticulously apply Fine art pencils, Acrylic paint, and High-End Airbrush to the canvas. Further, our Mixed-Media Canvas then receives a High-Res Digital Scan, followed by a ChromaLuxe Dye-Sublimation process where a transfer plate is placed into a custom heat-press, permanently penetrating, and infusing the painted image onto a sheet of highly polished aluminum. Finally, the work of Art is then mounted to rigid 1/4 Sintra Gallery Board for extended longevity and is ready to hang. This overall process gives the Gallery Gloss a glass-like surface, rich in color, and giving our works of Art a Cutting-Edge presentation. </p> <p> This breathtaking new technique from our Masterpiece Collection represents a new Art Form that is captivating Galleries in Paris, Rome, and London by the sheer elegance of display. Further, this ultimate "Wow Factor" is an important advance for Interior Design Presentation which has tapped into a new Classical Zeitgeist for the 21st Century. "You've never seen the Classics with a more Brilliant and Magical Luminescence" the colors are gorgeous and vibrant while the detail and resolution are unsurpassed. </p> <p> Our Avant-garde Studio is the Leader in the field of Classical-Imagery and represents a new threshold for Modern and Traditional Decorating. If you're looking for the "Fine Art" of Focal-Point Design, Cutting-Edge and Absolute HD Gallery presentation...this is it. These wonderfully executed Limited Editions come with a Certificate of Authenticity and will be the primary attraction of any Interior Design Project while setting the tone for color, style, and furniture alike. Simply put, our large-format Mixed-Media Paintings are the finest Original and Concept Classics anywhere. </p>

Gallery Wrap: The World's Finest Classical Reproductions & Original Art

Art...known as Technique "Zhee-Klay-Verssage". Because of the enormous void in High-End, Reproduction Fine Art, we painstakingly developed this amazing Brand of Focal Point paintings that has captured the imagination of the Interior Design community. At the Art Chateau Studios, our mission was to remaster and create a new benchmark for superior reproductions that has enabled designers to effectively decorate with our large format Gallery-Wraps. </p> <p> Our Trademark, Mixed-Media process involves Corrections and Enhancement to Classical Digital images, followed by carefully printing our Gallery-Wraps on Fine Archival canvas while using the finest Gallery Stretcher Bars in the industry. Continuing, we meticulously apply fine art pencils, Acrylic paint and High-End Air Brush to the canvas. Finally, our Gallery-Wrap paintings are finished with a proprietary Hand-Crafted Semi-Gloss varnish with Ultra UV protection, a truly brilliant idea! The results are Stunning Focal Point Design paintings of unparalleled quality. </p> <p> We began as an outlet for Interior designers to purchase Classical Fine Art Reproductions. Eventually, Architects, Hoteliers, and Restaurateurs began to used our professional art services to create dramatic Focal Point Design; further, we provide Period Fine Art Reproductions for the Motion Picture Industry. Simply put, Technique "Zhee-Klay-Verssage" equals Cutting-Edge and Absolute HD Gallery presentation. As an adjunct, in 2017, we began to apply our Trademark process to Original works of Fine Art and Limited Editions as well. </p> <p> Art Chateau is not, and never will be a poster farm generating thousands of Low-Quality prints. We are a State of the Art Company, passionate about what we do, and will always put Customer Service at the forefront of our business model. If you're looking to create elegance & ambiance with a heartwarming sense of satisfaction....please allow the Art Chateau team to work with you on your next decorating project. </p>

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The World's Finest Classical Reproductions

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