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Neoclassical Oil Painting, Limited Edition (4/50)

ictorious Roman general. In reality, William’s incompetence at the Battle of Waterloo resulted in many needless deaths.

Dutch Still-Life, Limited Edition (21/50)

live to complete it; it was finished by his pupil Eelke Eelkema. A Mixed-Media painting.

French Neoclassical Painting, Limited Edition (20/50)

the Egyptians, in a stirring painting of men about to face death. Mixed-Media painting, c.2015.

Russian Prince Boris Yusupov, after Antoine Jean Gros, Limited Edition (6/50)

elous equestrian likeness, depicting Russian Prince Boris Yusupov, multilingual world-traveler and confidante of Napoleon. This Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for traditional design style and Houston's best interior designers.

A Neoclassical Painting, Limited Edition (9/50)

ensibility. Princess Psyche and Venus’s son Cupid are the mythological subjects of this arresting canvas. A Mixed-Media painting.

Neoclassical Style Painting, Limited Edition (6/50)

e War of the Third Coalition, which pitted Revolutionary France against Russia and the Holy Roman Empire. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

The Grasshopper, after Jules Joseph Lefebvre, Limited Edition (20/50)

nsect’s vulnerability in winter and the eroticism of the artist and audience that required a mask of aesthetics or intellectualism. This Mixed-Media tableau is a beautiful transitional piece for luxury apartments at 11 North Moore Street in New York City.

Mixed-Media Masterpiece, Limited Edition (18/50)

traditional style. This painting of the Sea God and his wife is framed by Doric columns and presented in a palette of varying golds and ochres.

House of Mirrors by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (26/50)

me too shocking to be released. This unbelievable tableau is perfect for the best interior designers in Miami, Florida.

French-Empire Painting, Limited Edition (26/50)

mth and emotion of the Romantic sensibility, and even a hint of the emerging Barbizon School of landscape art. A Mixed-Media painting.

Mediterranean Harbor at Sunset, Limited Edition (11/50)

ved, as evident in this work which imagines an idealized Mediterranean port at the end of the day.

Self-Portrait after Rose Adelaide Ducreux, Limited Edition (16/50)

eenth-century France. In this lovely self-portrait, she tunes a harp in a well-appointed drawing-room. This Classic Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is a perfect focal point for luxury homes in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

British Equestrian Painting, Limited Edition (12/50)

ng subjects in the foreground of his pastorals paintings, thus creating a more dynamic form of British realism.

Classic Interior Design, Limited Edition (7/50)

-Media work, we see the god of love leaving the bed of his lover Psyche in a sublime rendering of the ancient tale.

Neoclassical Mixed-Media Painting, Limited Edition (13/50)

rom Roman history, is decidedly Greek by design, with nude warriors as found in classical art.

Neoclassical Style Painting, Limited Edition (34/50)

emotion and power contained within this faithfully remastered work of art from Art Chateau.

Louis Gauffier-Mixed-Media painting, Limited Edition (7/50)

ing hung on the wall, an allegorical statue of France in an archaic style, and a bust from the era of the Julius Caesars. Remastered by the Studio Artist at Art Chateau.

Allegory of Peace, Limited Edition (9/50)

rench Neoclassical style which Lagrenee executed here with typically flawless technique. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Seduction, after Francois Martin Kavel, Limited Edition (18/50)

and lifelike detail in drapery and dress to conjure the essences of this stately artist and his family. This captivating Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for fine traditional interiors and luxury apartments in Lenox Hill, New York City.

The Music Lesson, after Frederic Lord Leighton, Limited Edition (4/50)

we see our Mixed-Media painting of "The Music Lesson" the sisters are playing the Qanbus, a traditional string instrument from Yemen and carved from a single block of wood. This heartwarming Mixed-Media tableau is sure to please all those who gaze upon mother and daughter. Perfect for the Cottages at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina.