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Imperial Guard after Alphonse Lalauze, Limited Edition (13/50)

cers of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard”, painted in 1918, the year the Great War ended, is a look back at the romantic epoch. This colorful Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for Upper Eastside Interior Design.

Bagpipe and Flute, after Carl Goebel, Limited Edition (7/50)

erred subjects, a finely detailed and well-executed portrait of two peasant musicians walking the dusty streets of Prague. This charming Mixed-Media tableau is an excellent choice for Luxury Homes in Birmingham, Michigan.

Young Austrian Beauty, after Karl von Blaas, Limited Edition (7/50)

ice Academy and then further studies in Rome. While in Italy, he traveled extensively and won many commissions for ecclesiastical art and altarpieces, some at the behest of Pope Pius IX. This charming Mixed-Media tableau is a perfect choice for Transitional Interiors and Luxury Real Estate in Dallas, Texas.

Ancient Egypt Set Design, Limited Edition (22/50)

haperon recreated this design with a performance at the Palais Garnier, which he committed to watercolor. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Tribeca Interior Design, Limited Edition (4/50)

list Realist style. His “Reclining Nude” has a cool sensuality but still retains a unique melancholy with classical sensibilities that permeates the treatment of the sitter. A Mixed-Media work of art.

Gibson Girl, after Howard Chandler Christy, Limited Edition (18/50)

he age of the suffragette. Independent women were beginning to be featured in a new light at the dawn of the 20th century. This remarkable Mixed-Media from Art Chateau is a fine choice for Transitional Interiors and Luxury Homes in Oakland County, Michigan.

Garden Wall, after John Singer Sargent, Limited Edition (4/50)

watercolor. The impressionistic “Garden Wall” is a piece that evokes a memory or feeling with its long painterly strokes and missing detail. This Mixed-Media tableau is a fine choice for Luxury Homes in Preston Hollow, Dallas.

Deva, after Richard Holst, Limited Edition (5/50)

ting from Art Chateau. Holst was also a lithographer, etcher, and book cover designer. Many of his works were in a symbolist style, which we see here. This work of fine art is perfect for luxury homes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Medieval Church Portal, after Carl Werner, Limited Edition (2/50)

listic “Medieval Church Portal” is fascinating due to its believable figures from the Middle Ages, the natural choice of color, and meticulous and astonishingly life-like detail. This wonderful Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is an excellent choice for Luxury Homes for Sale in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada.

Venetian Castle, after Georg Janny, Limited Edition (16/50)

ature in the German middle class. This Venetian Castle interior by Janny demonstrates his command of brush, pigment, and palette in his extraordinary watercolor. This Mixed-Media Architectural tableau is an excellent choice for Classical Italian Interior Design.

Grand Canal, after John Frederick Lewis, Limited Edition (10/50)

dopted the customs and aspects of a pasha's manner and dress. Here, Lewis has captured Venetian vendors and the elaborate splendor on the Grand Canal. This Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is an ideal choice for French Chateaus around Lake Grapevine, Texas.

Qing Dynasty Revival Painting, Limited Edition (7/50)

zing for political ‘crimes.' Here we see a typical Fengmian blending of Eastern and Western styles in his rendering of five Concubine.

Art Deco Painting, Limited Edition (28/50)

reat numerical figure, in his mind's eye the author saw a red fire engine painted with the number five racing down a rainy street. Thus, Demuth's legendary painting is born.

Girl in a Green Dress, after Tamara de Lempicka, Limited Edition (14/50)

coolly sensual. The latter is seen here in her boldly geometric canvas of a "Girl in a Green Dress" with white gloves. This Mixed-Media tableau is ideal for Art Deco Interiors and Luxury Homes in Hunters Creek Village, Houston, Texas.

Masked Ball, after Jeanne Mammen, Limited Edition (5/50)

Movement who rendered scenes of female sexuality and was one of the originators of art from Cabaret life in Berlin. This unique Mixed-Media work of art was painstakingly remastered at our Studios in 2016. Perfect for Art Deco Interiors and Luxury Homes in Chicago, Illinois.

Metaphysical School of Art, Limited Edition (11/50)

taphysical artists included eerie echoes of the past. Here we see de Chirico’s surreal Hector and Andromache, the first couple of Troy. A Mixed-Media painting.

Art Deco Masterpiece, Limited Edition (19/50)

meticulously retouched at our Studios using our exclusive Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

Whatever, an Existential Crisis, Signed Limited Edition (5/50)

entine elegance. While this engaging charmer has 16th Century iconography and the Game of Thrones Fountain Pen by Montegrappa, it will always remain a splendid Italian Folly. Evon's highly nuanced work was painstakingly rendered with Acrylic Paint, Air Brush, Gold Leaf, Fine Art Pencils, and Digital enhancements.

Romana de la Salle, after Tamara de Lempicka, Limited Edition (20/50)

he coolly sensual. The latter is seen here in her boldly flowing canvas of Romana de la Salle in a pink dress. This stunning Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is ideal for Art Deco Interior Design and Luxury Apartments in Downtown Miami, Florida.