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Dutch Golden Age Masterpiece, after Bartholomeus van der Hels

Some of Rembrandt’s students adopted van der Helst’s approach, seen here in this ennobling depiction of a textile merchant and his bride.

Manhattan Luxury Townhouse

at Classical artist Raphael and Michelangelo. This splendid tableau will be a wonderful addition to any fine interior design project and luxury townhouses in Manhattan.

Paradise Valley Interior Design

ommunities of Southern Spain. The aforementioned tableau is ideal for setting the tone and style for luxury decorating and Interior Design projects in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Baroque Revival Painting, after John van der Vaart

ork of art has been painstakingly remastered at our Studios using our exclusive Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

Houston, TX, Modern French Chateau

th-century talent, a Grecian urn full of blooms rendered with delicate brushstrokes, attracting the attention of two butterflies. This Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for Traditional decorating and French Chateaus in Houston, Texas.

Dutch Farmer with his Livestock, after Paulus Potter

approximately one hundred canvases, such as this quaint rural scene. Remastered by Art Chateau in 2015.

55 Central Park West, NYC

hoping to make art more academic. This military picture of the Prince and men-at-arms is a colorful parade on canvas. This exciting Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for elegant interiors and luxury apartments at 55 Central Park West in New York City.

Dutch Men-o'-War in a Calm, after Willem van de Velde

’-War” exemplifies his flawless execution of the detail of ships at sea.

Roman Colonnade, after French artist Charles Clerisseau

e see a central colonnade reminiscent of Roman glory and remastered by Art Chateau in 2016.

Still-life of a Feast, after Willem Claesz

ately became fond of producing inanimate renderings for the wealthy who pursued a decadent and gluttonous lifestyle. “After the Feast” from Art Chateau is a Mixed-Media painting.

Manhattan Penthouse NYC

bjects, such as this masterwork, his “Judgment of Paris,” which transcends the classical with its detail and purposeful imperfections. This Mixed-Media work is a Classical Dutch tableau but lends itself to modern decorating and a luxury Manhattan penthouse.

William III - Prince of Orange, at the Age of Four

ly when Holland was invaded by Protestant forces. Here Hanneman painted this likeness of the four-year-old future King of England in 1654 and remastered at Art Chateau in 2016.

Dutch Golden Age Painting, after Jan Victors

This canvas shows an angel departing from the holy Tobit, the steadfast devotee of Yahweh when Israel had turned to idol worship. A Mixed-Media painting.

The St. Urban 285 Central Park West

ed politician and later martyred him and his brother Johan de Witt. This remarkable Mixed-Media tableau is a historical reminder that the ways of government are fraught with peril. Perfect for period-style decorating and luxury apartments at the St. Urban in New York City.

Memorial Houston, Texas Luxury Homes

center that encouraged the Arts. Raphael is a leading figure of the Renaissance, best known for his "Madonnas" and his large mosaic compositions like this Photographic Detail from the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City.

Still Life with Gilt Cup, after Willem Claesz

ately became fond of producing inanimate renderings for the wealthy who pursued a decadent and gluttonous lifestyle.

The Best Interior Designers in Greenwich, CT

close association with Whistler and a brother to painter Henry Moore. Here we see an ancient Roman string foursome performing somberly. This engaging Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for transitional decorating and the Best Interior Designers in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Star of Bethlehem after Edward Burne-Jones

sance. The Star of Bethlehem displays the artist’s wondrous ability to render intricate detail. Mixed-Media Painting.

The Best Interior Designers in Scarsdale, NY

ealization in his works, as in this still-radiant “Vision of Fiammetta,” a Boccaccio sonnet in oils on canvas. This engaging Mixed-Media tableau is a real crowd pleaser and is perfect for the Best Interior Designers in Scarsdale, New York.

Flaming June, after Frederic Lord Leighton

tue, “Night,” a Neo-classical painting of slumber in vibrant earth tones. Here we see our Mixed-Media painting of a young woman in repose, expertly detailed with conscientious brush strokes.

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