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Bashi-Bazouk, after Jean Leon Gerome, Limited Edition (8/50)

e regarding the subject’s uniform but displays the artist’s unique skill in realistically rendering fabrics. This fine Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for luxury apartments at 65 Central Park West in New York City.

North African Courtyard, after Frederick Bridgman, Limited Edition (4/50)

superb application of color rendered in "North African Courtyard" are emblematic of this fine artist. This wonderful Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for Period decorating and luxury homes in Naples, Florida.

The Caliph of Constantine after Theodore Chasseriau, Limited Edition (9/50)

ere we see the Caliph of Constantine with Ali Ben Hamet, Chief Harakas, which depicts the chieftain of the largest Berber tribe in Algiers, who sat for the artist during a trip to Paris. This exciting Mixed-Media tableau is sure to please the viewer, both young and old. Perfect for luxury homes in Aventura, Miami, Florida.

Aristocratic Couple, after Jan Baptist Saive, Limited Edition (2/50)

r imitated by royalty and nobility in other European countries. Here we see an Aristocratic Couple portrayed as Vegetable Sellers. This engaging Mixed-Media tableau is a perfect example of decorating with fine art.

The Orient and the Occident, after Nicaise de Keyser, Limited Edition (13/50)

ed in his lifetime, forgotten shortly after his death, but are now seen as essential artifacts of art history. This Mixed-Media tableau will set the tone and style for interior design projects and perfect luxury apartments at the Dakota in New York City.

At the Water's Edge, after Adam Styka, Limited Edition (6/50)

able use of light and shade in "At the Water's Edge" is ample evidence of why Styka deserved the nickname "Master of Sunlight." This charming Mixed-Media painting is a perfect choice for Luxury Homes in Pinecrest, Florida.

Orientalism Masterpiece, Limited Edition (26/50)

artyrs sacrificed in the name of entertainment to throngs of pagans in the Coliseum during the period of Roman persecution of the faithful.

Orientalist Mixed-Media Painting, Limited Edition (6/50)

s such as Monet and the emerging influence of French, German, and Austrian artists traveling to the Middle East to capture the wonders of the ancient world.

French Academic Style Painting, Limited Edition (12/50)

ourgeoisie and the aristocratic with his portraits and Oriental motifs. Here in the Italienne, Landelle shows a remarkable ability for style and perspective.

Orientalist Painting, Limited Edition (24/50)

e viewer, in a colorful vision of the East, brimming with luscious detail and infused with enigmatic energy. A Mixed-Media painting.

The Bath, after Jean-Leon Gerome, Limited Edition (18/50)

corated with elegant Arab calligraphy, all rendered with the artist’s magnificent brush technique. This colorful Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for traditional and modern decorating and luxury Perry Street condos.

Oriental Maiden, after Nathaniel Sichel, Limited Edition (15/50)

e beauty here in the "Oriental Maiden, " a flawless depiction of a captivating Middle Eastern temptress. This beautiful Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for traditional and modern interior design and luxury homes in Delray Beach, Florida.

Saint Cecilia Playing the Harpsichord, Limited Edition (20/50)

ustria and was patronized by many royals and nobles. “St. Cecilia” is a gorgeous Mixed-Media painting of color, semi-realism, and evocative composition. Perfect for Classical Interior Design in New York City.

Baroque Style Painting, Limited Edition (2/50)

ns. His “Two Lionesses Hunting a Roebuck” leap from the canvas as they pursue their prey, at the moment before the kill.

Flemish Baroque Painting, Limited Edition (7/50)

necklines far too low for a Christian viewer. This canvas was painted after that unexpected move, showing perhaps altered tastes or prudential censorship. Mixed-Media painting. c.2014.

Flemish Fine Art Masterpiece, Limited Edition (4/50)

l-life, often moody, sometimes decrying the alleged pointlessness of existence.

Flemish Masterpiece, Limited Edition (8/50)

th artists often hid biblical iconography in their domestic canvases, as here in his Poultry Market with the Prodigal Son in the Background. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Flemish Iconography, Limited Edition (7/50)

oth artists often hid biblical iconography in their domestic canvases, though this is a mostly secular painting of fishmongers hawking their wares. Remastered at Art Chateau.

Baroque Painting, Limited Edition (9/50)

Gallery,” Baroque master van Delen left the figures in his works to other artists, as was the common practice of that era. A Mixed-Media painting.

A Mythological Motif, Limited Edition (19/50)

had many noble and royal patrons, such as the Anglo-Dutch bluebloods who commissioned this double portrait in a mythological motif. A Mixed-Media painting.