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University Park, Dallas Interior Design, after Jean Baptiste Zhuvene

cteristic of devotional art from that era. Here we see the God Apollo and the nymph Thetis in a brilliantly-colored and expertly-rendered canvas. A Mixed-Media painting.

Madame de Pompadour, after Maurice Quentin de La Tour

our, mistress of the king and called the “Godmother of the Rococo” for her generous patronage of the arts in mid-18th-century France. Remastered in 2016.

Westover Hills, Texas Interior Design, Louis Tocque Painting

onversation piece. Later he became one of the most powerful men in France and was a friend of the Revolution while working towards achieving liberty, equality, and fraternity through non-violent means during his lifetime. A Mixed-Media painting.

Orientalism Painting, after Max Nonnenbruch

proficient Fin de Siècle semi-nudes popular with the bourgeoisie and intellectual art critics alike. A Mixed-Media painting.

Flemish Style Painting, Saint Mary Magdalene with Angels

al bird that often figured, incongruously, in their religious canvases. Here we see a beautiful Mixed-Media painting of Saint Mary Magdalene.

Flemish Fine Art Masterpiece, after Cornelis de Vos

fabulous detail such as jewelry, collars, and lifelike curls of the hair. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante, after Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

ing of Lady Hamilton who was known for what would later be called performance art. A Mixed-Media painting.

The Count d’Artois and Madame Clotilde as Children

e guillotine’s blade, later becoming Charles X. His sister Madame Clotilde later became the ruler of Sardinia. A Mixed-Media Painting.

View of an Italian Waterfall, after Claude Joseph Vernet

the foregrounds of his landscape scenes never seems contrived, as evident in this work which imagines a rushing waterfall outside a village in a quiet country province.

Zephyr and Flora, after Michel Corneille the Younger

lle depicts the West Wind, Zephyr, and Flora, Nymph of Spring, in a colorful and graceful composition. Remastered at Art Chateau, a Mixed-Media painting.

Portofino Ridge Drive Estates Austin, TX

r; the Duke was one of France's wealthiest and philanthropic men. This remastered, Mixed-Media painting is ideal for luxury homes and Estates on Portofino Ridge Drive in Austin, Texas.

Best Art Galleries in NYC

escapades. This stunning tableau is titled "Zeus, God of the Sky" and created with our Trademark technique known as Digital Verssage. Perfect for Modern New York City Interiors and the top art galleries in Manhattan.

West University Place, Houston Interior Design

essions as they use their sense of smell to evaluate the various fruits of nature. A Mixed-Media Painting, perfect for traditional interiors.

Piney Point Village, Houston Interior Design, after Antoine Watteau

Fontaine" captured with a light brushwork. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau, perfect for Classical decorating.

Portrait of Marie-Gabrielle de Sinety, after Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

the changing political and aesthetic winds. Here we see Art Chateau's Mixed-Media rendering of Marie-Gabrielle de Sinéty, wife of the Duke of Caderousse.

Houston, River Oaks Interior Designers, after Francois Boucher

classical themes. Here we see a beautiful Boucher allegory paying homage to Euterpe, Muse of music and song, with heavenly cherubs helping to adorn her with wondrous jewels. A Mixed-Media painting, perfect for Classical Interiors.

Rococo Painting of Madame Marsollier and Her Daughter

Rococo rendering. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Children in Eastern Costumes, after Tilly Kettle

arb was a typical tribute and acknowledgment that the British were proud of their empire and indigenous peoples. A Mixed-Media painting.

A Tiger Prowling in the Snow, after Hugo Ungewitter

in the snows of the subcontinent, stalking prey through precipitous winds, the striped fur rendered with flawless technique. A Mixed Media painting.

Black Bashi-Bazouk, after Jean Leon Gerome

e regarding the subject’s uniform but displays the artist’s unique skill in rendering fabrics in a lifelike manner. A Mixed-Media painting.

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