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The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet

s illumination. These early Hungarian watercolors are stunning and look great in groupings of three, six, nine and twelve. Additional Hoefnagel illuminations are available upon request.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet

he border elements are as creative, executed with a wit that leaves the viewer wondering where the observation of nature leaves off and artifice begins.

Victorian Era Painting, Limited Edition (26/50)

ts at the piano while her sister Louisa looks on. A Mixed-Media painting.

British Regency Painting, Limited Edition (17/50)

g Lawrence work of art is Lady Maria Conyngham, painstakingly reproduced at the Studios of Art Chateau.

Neoclassical Period, Limited Edition (20/50)

rk in his studio asked him to remove the birdcage that was obstructing her view of the children. Remastered at Art Chateau in 2015.

Scottish Painting, Limited Edition (9/50)

s ‘conversation piece’, or group portrait in nature, depicts two aristocratic sisters clothed in the luxurious fashion of the day. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Georgian Style Painting, Limited Edition (9/50)

n painstakingly remastered at the Studios of Art Chateau using our exclusive Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

Lady Waldegrave after Joshua Reynold, Limited Edition (31/50)

ious bond between modern women and nature. This perfect Mixed-Media Painting lends itself to Modern or Classical interiors and luxury Upper East Side homes in New York City.

Heaton Park-Manchester, England, Limited Edition (11/50)

gland, a favorite venue of the artist. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

A Mixed-Media Painting, Limited Edition (9/50)

the maid’s hair and complexion, and a sure command of light and shadow on the canvas. A Mixed-Media Painting.

Baroque Style Painting, Limited Edition (19/50)

depiction of a lion pouncing on a wild horse is a visual feast of color and detail. Remastered in 2015.

Romanticism Movement, Limited Edition (16/50)

ool of his day, including the Lord Mayor’s wife, Mrs. Hesketh. Painstakingly remastered at Art Chateau.

British Heritage Design, Limited Edition (30/50)

ogether in this classic painting, symbolic of the harmonious bond between the sisters.

The Grandchildren of a Baronet Heathcote, Limited Edition (9/50)

clothing in a celebration of the harvest. This charming Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau is perfect for contemporary decorating and the Best Interior Designers in Charleston, South Carolina.

Classical Interior Design, Limited Edition (4/50)

st is well-illuminated and seen from the side as he draws his bow, while his companion stands in the shadow with a thoughtful gaze.

Sir William Cornwallis Harris after Ramsay Reinagle, Limited Edition (14/50)

keness of one Sir William Cornwallis Harris, an engineer, artist, sportsman, and traveler. This captivating portrait of a young man, a Mixed-Media tableau that will lend itself to period decorating and luxury apartments at 720 Park Avenue in New York City.

Remembering September-11-2001, Signed Limited Edition (9/50)

mber 11, 2001. This thought-provoking tableau is sure to give the viewer a moment of pause and perfect for the best Art Galleries in Soho, NYC.

Mixed-Media Painting, Limited Edition (9/50)

m and Impressionism, The Little Shepherdess is a delicate rendering of a nude with sentiment and Neoclassical sensibility geared to the Bourgeoisie.

Belle Epoque Masterpiece, Limited Edition (27/50)

thological figures. Here we see our Mixed-Media "Abduction of Psyche by Eros" the God of Love.