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King David, c.1520, Tempera and gold on parchment

he border elements are as creative, executed with a wit that leaves the viewer wondering where the observation of nature leaves off and artifice begins.

British Heritage Painting, after George Hayter

ts at the piano while her sister Louisa looks on. A Mixed-Media painting.

Lady Maria Conyngham, after Thomas Lawrence

g Lawrence work of art is Lady Maria Conyngham, painstakingly reproduced at the Studios of Art Chateau.

The Synnot Children, after Painting by Joseph Wright of Derby

rk in his studio asked him to remove the birdcage that was obstructing her view of the children. Remastered at Art Chateau in 2015.

Eleanor and Margaret Ross, after Alexander Nasmyth

s ‘conversation piece’, or group portrait in nature, depicts two aristocratic sisters clothed in the luxurious fashion of the day. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

The Sackville Children, after Painting by John Hoppner

n painstakingly remastered at the Studios of Art Chateau using our exclusive Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

Upper East Side Luxury Homes, NYC

ious bond between modern women and nature. This perfect Mixed-Media Painting lends itself to Modern or Classical interiors and luxury Upper East Side homes in New York City.

Euxton, with John White Up, at Heaton Park, after John Ferneley

gland, a favorite venue of the artist. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Neoclassical Painting, after William Beechey

the maid’s hair and complexion, and a sure command of light and shadow on the canvas. A Mixed-Media Painting.

Lion Attack, after British artist George Stubbs

depiction of a lion pouncing on a wild horse is a visual feast of color and detail. Remastered in 2015.

Mrs. Frances Hesketh, after Joseph Wright of Derby

ool of his day, including the Lord Mayor’s wife, Mrs. Hesketh. Painstakingly remastered at Art Chateau.

The Ladies Waldegrave, after Joshua Reynolds

ogether in this classic painting, symbolic of the harmonious bond between the sisters.

The Best Interior Designers in Charleston, SC

clothing in a celebration of the harvest. This charming Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau is perfect for contemporary decorating and the Best Interior Designers in Charleston, South Carolina.

Empire Period Painting, Titled The Archers, after Sir Henry Raeburn

st is well-illuminated and seen from the side as he draws his bow, while his companion stands in the shadow with a thoughtful gaze.

720 Park Avenue NYC Apartment

keness of one Sir William Cornwallis Harris, an engineer, artist, sportsman, and traveler. This captivating portrait of a young man, a Mixed-Media tableau that will lend itself to period decorating and luxury apartments at 720 Park Avenue in New York City.

The Best Art Galleries in Soho, NYC

mber 11, 2001. This thought-provoking tableau is sure to give the viewer a moment of pause and perfect for the best Art Galleries in Soho, NYC.

The Little Shepherdess, after Paul Peel

m and Impressionism, The Little Shepherdess is a delicate rendering of a nude with sentiment and Neoclassical sensibility geared to the Bourgeoisie.

Vintage Style Art Deco Photo of Jean Harlow

, California by George Hurrell.

The Rapture of Psyche, after William Bouguereau

thological figures. Here we see our Mixed-Media "Abduction of Psyche by Eros" the God of Love.

Le Jour, a Mixed Media Painting after William Bouguereau

e see the form of an angelic maiden, rendered in a style that attempted to bridge Neo-Classicism with Romanticism.

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