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Big Horn Sheep, after Albert Bierstadt

ocky Mountain School wilderness images. The artist’s “Big Horn Sheep” is a stirring image of a majestic Ram of the mountains. Remastered at Art Chateau.

North Scottsdale, Silverleaf Interior Design, Native American Painting

ive American contemplating a rugged vista, in a painting whose title itself engenders thought. A Mixed-Media painting.

American Moose Study, after Albert Bierstadt

ocky Mountain School wilderness images. Here we see his “Moose Study”, a magnificently detailed and brilliantly colored work of art that exudes the silence and strength of the great animal. Mixed-Media, c.2015.

Hudson River School Painting, after Junius Brutus Stearns

f domestic genre. These realistic portraits and sporting scenes quickly ensconced his stature on the larger American stage, c.1860.

Portrait of Colonel Guy Johnson, after Benjamin West

somber Neoclassical portrait of a British soldier and diplomat Guy Johnson with the Mohawk chief Karonghyontye, also known as ‘David Hill’. A Mixed-Media painting.

Scottsdale Interior Design, after Martha Ellen Connell

he time preferred simple folk portraits rather than academic renderings, and this canvas of young Miss Martha Connell is a delightful piece of Americana folk art. A Mixed-Media painting.

Paradise Valley Interior Design, New Mexico Painting

often included the pastels prominent in the decorations of the Mescalero and other tribes, as here in his “Gathering Storm". A Mixed-Media painting.

The Hobby Horse, after Irving-Couse

in that it is an interior painting of two children from a wealthy family, probably from Texas.

Preston Hollow Interior Design, after Samuel Morse Painting

or an allegory of Art or Drawing. The art world’s loss was mankind’s gain when Morse began to tinker with communication systems. A Mixed Media painting.

The Trail Ahead, after Gerard Curtis Delano

he Trail Ahead” shows a common scenario in the old days west of the Mississippi, as natives guided white men to their destinations. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Dr. Jackson Blazes a Transcontinental Trail, after Tom Lovell

s well. This Lovell represents a delightful slice of pulp illustration with its harrowing suspense as Dr. Jackson, Sewall Crocker and faithful companion Bud become the first to drive across the United States.

Houston Interior Designers, Foo Chow Harbor Painting

the days before steam, a multitude of barques ply the blue moonlit waters as smuggler’s junks approach to conduct less-than-licit business. A Mixed-Media painting.

Telluride Interior Design, after Phillip Goodwin

gest body of water in Glacier National Park in Montana which was set aside as a National Park in 1910. A Mixed-Media painting.

Luxury Interior Design Bal Harbour, FL

nt consort's beauty. This eye-catching tableau is perfect for Luxury Interior Design in Bal Harbour, Florida.

Pheasants in a Woodland Landscape, after Archibald Thorburn

gical knowledge is apparent in such paintings as this, where we see his accuracy, keen detail, and lifelike color. A Mixed-Media work of art from the Studios of Art Chateau.

Bridgenorth-Shropshire-England, after Paul Sandby

dby – precisely drawn, finely detailed, with masterful execution – and offering a clear vision Victorian England. A Mixed-Media work of art from our Studio artist.

San Francisco Interior Design, Rosa Bonheur Painting

f a male lion and his family, a cub gazing proudly up at him, and another cub resting with its mother. A Mixed-Media work of art from Art Chateau.

Gossip of the Corinthian Women, after Henry Ryland

sh Pre-Raphaelites and the Neo-Classicists. His “Gossip” is emblematic of the stylized classical genres he created during his career.

The Two Muses, after Austrian artist Carl Agricola

by the artist treating a subject from Greek legend, “Two Muses” conjured with an extremely light palette and delicate lines.

Upper Eastside Interior Design, Alphonse Lalauze Painting

cers of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard”, painted in 1918, the year the Great War ended, is a look back at the romantic epoch. A Mixed-Media painting, perfect for Classical decorating.

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