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Hudson Yards Interior Design, after Frank Leyendecker

opened a studio in New York with his artist brother Joseph Christian Leyendecker. It was here that Frank began magazine illustration for Vanity Fair and Life Magazine. A Mixed-Media Painting, perfect for Art Deco decorating.

Portrait of Philip Metcalfe, after Pompeo Batoni

arliament Philip Metcalfe, who is posed in the conventional eighteenth-century manner of a fine gentleman and erudite scholar.

Portrait of Nency Destouches, after Auguste Vinchon

here we see the artist’s delicate and finely-executed rendering of Nency Destouches in a likeness imbued with the classical sense yet softened by a Romantic Era impulse.

The Fine Art of Interior Design

of nature, which can bring nostalgia to the viewer for the bygone days of a carefree and honest world. This charming Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for Traditional Decorating and all those seeking the Fine Art of Interior Design.

Contemporary French Chateau in Houston, TX

rtrait of a Young French Beauty” is evidence that the allure of Gallic women is, in fact, centuries-old. This charming Mixed-Media tableau is a good choice for Contemporary French Chateaus in Houston, Texas.

Baroque Period Painting, The Archduchess Maria Teresa of Austria

resa of Austria, Archduchess, in an opulent dress more Baroque than classical. A Mixed-Media painting.

The Best Interior Designers in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

nal and poignant in his subject matter, and this painting is no exception, depicting a young girl with a melancholy gaze. This Mixed-Media painting is perfect for Italian Villas, French Chateaus, and the Best Interior Designers in the United States.

Beauty Under the Orange Tree, after Emile Vernon

r Bouguereau, evident in his “Beauty Under the Orange Tree” with its features such as its lush background. Remastered at our Studios in 2015.

The Voyage of Life, after German artist Ditlev Blunck

een in this painting titled "The Voyage of Life". It is one of four paintings that represents the stages of life as a voyage from cradle to adulthood. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau, c.2015.

Transitional French Chateau in Dallas, TX

ntalist or classical themes. Madame Pompadour was Boucher’s patron when he rendered this likeness of the Love Goddess snatching her son’s bow, missiles, and quiver. This captivating Mixed-Media tableau is an excellent idea for Transitional French Chateaus in Dallas, Texas.

Pre-Raphaelite Painting, after John William Godward

art has been painstakingly remastered at our Studios using our exclusive Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

Prague, View of The Charles Bridge, after Anonymous Artist

nknotes. This postcard view of the Czech capital involved incredible skill and dexterity.

Tuscan Interior Design Style

as Zhee-Klay-Verssage. Perfect for Tuscan interior design style.

Portrait of Louis XIV of France, after Peter Vandrebanc

ng from a Vanderbank engraving is testament to the artist’s masterful use of the burin. Mixed-Media Rendering.

High Priest Melchizedek Brings Abraham Bread and Wine

f Peter Paul Rubens’ “Abraham and Melchizedek”, the latter non-Cohenim priest being a prefiguring of Christ in the Old Testament. Mixed-Media work of art, remastered in 2015.

George III of England and His Family, after Richard Earlom

the German-speaking King of England who lost the colonies to rebellion the year this plate was created. Mixed-Media work of art, remastered at Art Chateau.

Portrait of Miss Hall with a Lion, after Benjamin West

as an exotic version of the English out-of-doors portrait that often included animals such as horses or dogs. Remastered at our Studios in 2015.

The Triumph of Mordicai, after Richard Earlom

om’s depiction of Mordechai, faithful servant of God, enjoying his victory as told in the Old Testament. A Mixed-Media work of art from our Studios.

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