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A Splendid Cathedral Dome, Limited Edition (19/50)

drous art and design. This fine reproduction photograph would be a great addition to any contemporary remodeling project and the best photography gallery in Los Angeles.

Mistress of Atlantis, Starring Brigitte Helm, Signed Limited Edition (10/50)

s the most sought-after actress from the glory days of German cinema. She is widely remembered as the robot Maria from the 1927 movie Metropolis, which produced one of the most powerful and iconic images in film history. In 1935, Helm married Dr. Hugo von Kuenheim, an industrialist of Jewish descent, and they quickly moved to Switzerland to escape the insanity of Hitler and the Nazis. This wonderful tableau would be great for modern home decorating and the best Interior Designers in the Hamptons.

Jean Perronneau, Portrait of a Nobleman, Limited Edition (11/50)

a nobleman communicates personality in shaping eyes, brow, and mouth with pastel. This remastered, Mixed-Media work of art would be ideal for Decorating fine homes and luxury chateaus in Preston Hollow.

Art Deco Photography, Norma Shearer, Limited Edition (10/50)

Delight. She was dubbed as the “First Lady of the Screen,” known for glamour, sophistication and celebrated as a feminist pioneer. She was the first American film actress to make it acceptable to exploring love and sexuality with honesty while onscreen. This remastered Mixed-Media photo is a wonderful focal point for decorating in the Art Deco Style and a luxury Upper East Side townhouse in Manhattan.

A Marshal of France, after Hyacinthe Rigaud, Limited Edition (4/50)

shment, an honor bestowed on only a few men of personal honor and dignity in the nation’s history. This nuanced, Red Mixed-Media Portrait of "A Marshal of France" is perfect for Modern Pop-Art interior design and great for Upper East Side Interior Designers.

Bay of Naples, after Edwin Georgi, Limited Edition (9/50)

gs. Here we see a highly nuanced version of his "Repose on Capri," which focuses on two beautiful women relaxing on the majestic island in Italy's Bay of Naples. This stunning tableau from Art Chateau is perfect for luxury homes and The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Miami Beach, Florida.

Salvator Mundi by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (7/50)

vior's raised finger is indicating a Caveat of implicit caution. A perfect work of art for modern interior decorating and Luxury residences at 2000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida.

Barrett Evon, She Who Must be Obeyed, Signed Limited Edition (13/50)

ll who gaze upon her. Perhaps you should look away before it's too late? This stunning work of Modern Art would be ideal for the best Miami Art Galleries and Luxury Condos in Brickell, Miami.

In the Presence of Marilyn, Signed Limited Edition (10/50)

embodiment of the Hollywood sex symbol, which changed attitudes towards modern sexuality well into the 21st-Century. Here we see her, always beautiful, as a fragile candle in the wind. This stunning vision was painstakingly rendered in 2018 with Air Brush, Fine Art Pencils, and Digital enhancements.

L'Amour Sauve des Eaux, after Paul Artot, Signed Limited Edition (32/50)

of the rebirth of mythology and allegory in post-Impressionist France, as an angel saves a maiden in a surreal landscape. This impressive tableau would be a sensation focal point for traditional and modern decorating and Luxury Coconut Grove homes in Miami.

Anna Karenina, Starring Vivien Leigh, Signed Limited Edition (28/50)

agic femme fatale. She is best known for her two Academy Awards for Best Actress, with iconic performances as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire and Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind. Evon's highly nuanced tableau was painstakingly rendered with acrylic paint, light Air Brush, Fine Art Pencils, Photography, and Digital enhancements.

Psyche and Cupid, after Francois Gerard, Limited Edition (9/50)

sensibility. Princess Psyche and Venus’s son Cupid are the mythological subjects of this arresting canvas. This wonderful Mixed-Media painting would look great in almost any interior design project, including Luxury Homes in Coral Gables, Florida.

Lucrezia Panciatichi after Bronzino, Limited Edition (16/50)

tered in 2019 and would be a welcome addition to any period-style home or French Chateau in Flower Mound, Texas.

Mata Hari, Starring Greta Garbo, Signed Limited Edition (28/50)

rendering of Garbo is smoldering with alluring sexuality. Further, the refined details and rendered nuance has given the art world a new Classic for the 21st Century. This large tableau will provide a commanding focal point for modern interior design, as well as luxury Penthouses in West Hollywood, California.

Sonny Liston vs. Muhammad Ali II, Limited Edition (7/50)

ed-Media photo was recreated at the Studios of Art Chateau in 2017. This historical vision is perfect for modern interior design and the best art galleries in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Incandescent Quiescence, Signed Limited Edition (9/50)

mbered for her embodiment of the Hollywood sex symbol, which changed attitudes towards modern sexuality well into the 21st-Century. Perfect for Modern Interior Design projects and luxury homes in Coconut Grove, Florida.

Ruggiero Rescuing Angelica, after Jean Ingres, Signed Limited Edition (4/50)

creature that is half horse and half eagle. This remarkable tableau would be a wonderful focal point for any high-end decorating project and luxury homes in Coral Gables, Florida.

Agnolo Bronzino, Triumph of Venus, Limited Edition (24/50)

litate the intricate decorations for the Cosimo I de' Medici and Eleonora di Toledo wedding. This stunning reproduction is a Mixed-Media Painting from Art Chateau. It would be a splendid addition to any high-end remodeling project and great for the top interior designers in Dallas, Texas.

Rosalba Carriera, A Celebration of Youth, Signed Limited Edition (12/50)

he Studios of Art Chateau in 2017. This Classical Pop-Art stunner is great for Modern decorating projects and inspired Hamptons Interior Design.

Portrait of Therese Girard, after Jules Goupil, Limited Edition (4/50)

painting depicts a three-year-old Mademoiselle Girard with a toy carriage, dressed in finery, with a melancholy expression for the viewer. This wonderful tableau will create a French ambiance and is perfect for Interior Designers in the Upper East Side of New York City.