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SoHo Interior Designers, after Jean Dufy

Carriages” is a highly abstract Post-Impressionist canvas, with minimal perspective, and objects devoid of refined color detail and incompletely drawn. A Mixed-Media Painting.

Post-Impressionist Painting, after Jean Gabriel Domergue

Here we see Art Chateau's version of “Chapeau à plumes”, an emblematic Mixed-Media painting that is enchanting with its light-hearted and innocuous sexuality.

Women & Borzois, after Louis Icart

nistic glance at society women and their fashionable pedigree hounds. A Mixed-Media painting.

Venice La Salute, after Painting by Paul Signac

f pure color points to the canvas intended to merge in the viewer’s eye into a different hue. Signac’s “Venice” is a pointillist piece par excellence, abstract and sparse. A Mixed-Media Painting.

Wheatfield With A Reaper, after Vincent Van Gogh

created at the Saint-Remy asylum, as the artist dreamt of going back to the north of France. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Vintage Hollywood Photography of Barbara Stanwyck

-era. The movie "Baby Face" was considered salacious sin in soft focus and was a catalyst that ended an era of unbridled freedom.

Las Vegas Penthouse

s inspired by artist George Quaintance. This spectacular tableau is a real attention-getter and perfect for a luxury penthouse in Las Vegas and beyond.

White Cloud, Chief of the Iowas, after George Catlin

st George Catlin, who arranged for the chief to meet the King of France. Remastered in 2016 by Art Chateau.

Modern French Chateau

a classical mode, such as this Mixed-Media depiction of Thetis Bringing The Armor To Achilles. Perfectly suited for transitional interior design, as well as Modern French Chateaus.

War Eagle, Young Omahaw, Little Missouri and Two Pawnees

He eventually moved to Washington D.C. and earned a stellar reputation as an exemplary individual and artist.

The Battle of the Hogue, after Painting by Benjamin West

terary scenes in a classical mode, such as this work showing the famous Naval-battle during the War of the English Succession.

Love Conquers All, after Benjamin West

lassical canvas demonstrating how “Love Conquers All” as Venus triumphs over Earth, Sea, Fire, and Air. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau, c.2014.

The Six, Chief of the Plains Ojibwa, after George Catlin

duced at the fur post later known as Fort Union in present-day North Dakota. A Mixed-Media painting.

Whimsical Group Portrait, after Alexander Roslin

enders the image of a wealthy industrialist in a delightfully whimsical group portrait with his brother and his sister-in-law. A Mixed-Media portrait.

Miss Jane Mercer, after American artist Samuel Bell Waugh

Here we see Waugh’s depiction of a lovely belle from the City of Brotherly Love, gazing serenely in majestic gown and pearls. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Best Interior Designers in Birmingham, AL

Mackenzie clan who saved the life of thirteenth-century King Alexander of Scotland from the Fury of a Stag, with only a wee moment to spare. This exciting Mixed-Media tableau would be a fine choice for the Best Interior Designers in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Fur Traders, after Painting by Gerard Curtis Delano

endar scenes, and even comics. His “Fur Traders” shows French trappers and Indians in a canoe on a mirror-like lake. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Houston, Texas Luxury Homes

ng his subject with objects associated with their daily life. Here we see one of his first historical paintings titled "Watson and the Shark", a struggle of man against nature. This Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for Traditional Decorating and Luxury Homes in Houston, Texas.

Vintage Art Nouveau Photograph of Cleo de Merode

airstyle which became the rage of Paris.

Soul in Bondage, after Elihu Vedder

s influenced by the haunting style of the Pre-Raphaelites, which is evident here in this Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

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