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Austrian Still-Life, after Franz Petter

he detail and realism of both the animate and inanimate are breathtakingly executed by the artist with a precise and graceful technique. Remastered, Mixed-Media Painting, c.2016.

Baroque Style Painting, after Abraham van den Tempel

k of art has been painstakingly remastered at our Studios using our exclusive Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

Temple to Shakespeare, after Johan Joseph Zoffany

. Here Zoffany features an eccentric "Temple to Shakespeare" constructed by actor David Garrick in honor of the great Bard of Avon. A Mixed-Media painting.

Lake Las Vegas Villa

g finery, along with his trusted dog Champ, in this colorful work from Art Chateau. This stunning Mixed-Media tableau is a perfect Period piece that will lend itself to luxury Villas in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada.

Central Park West Luxury Apartments

ng was given to the National Gallery of Scotland, stipulating that the work remains in that country. This elegant Mixed-Media Painting is well suited for traditional interior design and luxury Central Park West apartments.

Little Bo-Peep Painting after George Romney

using our Technique, Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

International Luxury Homes

ithful friend, while framed by a distant ship and mountain, seemingly looking beyond the painting, deep in the thought of his impending voyage. This splendid Mixed-Media tableau is well suited for International Luxury Homes.

Rear-Admiral, Sir Horatio Nelson, after Lemuel Francis Abbott

ritain against the Continental despotism of Napoleon, is brilliantly rendered by the brush of Lemuel Francis Abbott then remastered by Art Chateau in 2015.

British Heritage painting of Edward VI as a Child

The royal rattle looks like a scepter, and the toddler blesses the viewer as an adult sovereign. A Mixed-Media Painting.

William Stanley the 9th Earl of Derby, after Willem Wissing

as neutral in the English Civil War, but supported a local anti-Cromwell uprising, doing a stint in the Tower of London, and losing some ancestral lands.

English Interior Design painting, Lady Elizabeth Delme, and Her Children

e ignored, with the demeanor appropriate to the subject’s class assigned by default. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Portrait of Miss Frances Read, Thomas Gainsborough

nglish nobility, hoping to gain more clients of means. Mrs. Francis Read is a quintessential Gainsborough – a light palette, easy strokes, and a tender spirit combine in effortless harmony.

Spanish Golden Age Painting, after Vicente López Portana

nhanced with generous colors and luxurious brushstrokes, while Sebastian’s affectation and wounds call to mind the Crucifixion.

Moses in the Brush, after Painting by Elizabeth Bouguereau

t Bouguereau’s. Moses in the Brush is a typical classicist piece with its biblical subject, dramatic use of light and color, and craftsman-like detail. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Spanish Renaissance Painting, after Alonso Coello

th warm tones to great effect. Portraits such as The Princesses served as tools in the nobility’s complex match-making.

Carlos V and Felipe II, c.1639, Oil on Canvas

II rests his hand on a globe, denoting Spain’s world-spanning empire.

998 Fifth Avenue NYC Apartments

lt in medieval and early modern Europe, especially popular among women. This captivating Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is well suited for Classical decorating and the Italian Renaissance-style apartment building at 998 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Isabella of France, Queen of Spain, c.1615, Oil on Canvas

ewelry, and fabrics, Pourbus here makes his subject’s regal hand draw attention to her remarkable pendant.

San Gregorio, c.1495, Oil on Oak Panel

al crosier and wears the miter of his office.

The Penitent Magdalene, c.1625, Oil on Canvas

for a time in Rome, but then in 1576, he journeyed to Toledo, Spain where he became the leading force of the Spanish Renaissance.

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