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Dante and Virgile Painting, after William Bouguereau

painting from the Inferno by Italian poet Dante, rendered in a style that unites Neo-Classicism with Romanticism.

La Scapigliata after Painting by Leonardo da Vinci

ssing a wild power that could not be tamed.

French Country Interiors, William Bouguereau

rical figures. Here we see a mother and children in a scene of domestic tranquility. A Mixed-Media painting.

French Country Interior Design

mpe l’oeil, or optical illusion, making objects painted on the two-dimensional canvas appear to have depth. This whimsical Mixed-Media tableau is a perfect French Country Focal Point for interior designers.

Kiawah Island, SC Luxury Homes

llegorical figures. Here we see the artist’s vivid imagination as a lustful Satyr is at play with four delicate forest nymphs. This compelling Mixed-Media tableau will provide a dramatic effect for any interior design project and luxury homes on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Girl with Red Dress, after Gustave Jean Jacquet

Girl with Red Dress is a subtly-fashioned work with elements of both the Romantic and Classical, intricate detail, and sumptuous color. Remastered at Art Chateau, c.2015.

Belle Epoque Painting, after Paul Artot

of the rebirth of mythology and allegory in a post-Impressionist France, as an angel saves a maiden in a surreal landscape.

The Woodlands, Texas Luxury Homes

where the daughter dares to try some fresh-squeezed milk as a dairymaid looks on with amusement. This charming Mixed-Media tableau is a perfect choice for Luxury Homes in Woodlands, Texas.

Time Unveiling Truth, after Jean-Francois De Troy

h to all, in an emblematic Academic work showing sophisticated iconography, tight composition, and skilled coloring. Mixed-Media Painting.

The Three Graces, after Painting by Edouard Bisson

y. Bisson’s light palette and fluid brushstrokes heighten the airy, dream-like feel of this painting.

Upper East Side Interior Design

gainst the monstrous injustices of Tsarist rule. Here we see Anna in her "One Last Glorious Moment." This remarkable tableau will be the primary focal point for any interior design project and is perfect for decorating Upper East Side homes.

Virgin and Child, after Painting by William Bouguereau

rical figures. Here we see our remastered Mixed-Media painting of the Virgin and Child enthroned in domestic tranquility.

A Tender Embrace, after French artist Emile Munier

kes this tender domestic scene come to life, with details like the frilly lace so masterfully remastered by the Studio artist at Art Chateau.

Reception in Versailles by Louis XVI, after Jean-Leon Gerome

o Louis XIV at the opulent Palace of Versailles that captures the grandeur and majesty of pre-Revolutionary France. Mixed-media painting.

The Doge’s Palace in Venice, after Jean Baptiste Van Moer

nders St. Mark’s Plaza and the Doge’s Palace with thoughtfulness, evoking grandeur and majesty.

The Century, 25 Central Park West

or decades, has lately enjoyed a significant resurgence. Here the artist envisions the birth of the goddess Venus from the sea. This is a gorgeous Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau and perfect for interior design projects and the iconic Century at 25 Central Park West in New York City.

Charleston, SC Luxury Homes

agining of the mythological mother and child as Venus and Cupid. This enchanting Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is an excellent idea for decorating luxury homes in Charleston, South Carolina.

Top Interior Designers in Houston

realistically, with a playfulness in the child and the parent’s gentle smile devoid of pathos. This heartwarming tableau is a Mixed-Media Painting from Art Chateau and perfect for luxury homes and the top Interior Designers in Houston, Texas.

British Heritage Design painting, Lady Frances Courtenay

ward, politician and younger brother of Prime Minister Robert Walpole, conveys refinement and authority. A Mixed-Media painting.

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