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Easter Rebellion of 1916...A Legacy of Tears & Hunger...

aster insurrection stretch back hundreds of years; for the Irish, there were just too many instances of British oppression throughout their history. In particular, the Acts of Union in 1800, where the Irish Parliament was abolished, and the country was formally made a part of the United Kingdom; it was an event that rankled many people in Ireland, especially the Catholic majority.

Legacy Nouveau and the Wonderful World of Sylvia Beach Whitman

e Dame, magic and wonder reign within the four walls and stories of a rickety bookshop, spilling into the street and calling to those with hearts to listen and eyes made for reading.

Behold, the New 2023, ICON-A5 Light Aircraft...A Revolutionary Masterpiece

2008, and the first production unit hit the skies six years later. Startlingly futuristic in appearance, the carbon-fiber A5 is a ground-breaking light sport aircraft, featuring a landing gear that retracts. The amphibious monoplane has wings that fold up as well, allowing it to be garaged or towed. The ICON A5 is a two-seater equipped with a 100-hp Rotax 912 engine and has a cockpit that measures 46 inches in width. This dandy has received much recognition and won several awards, including being named one of Popular Science Magazine’s 100 Best Innovations for 2008.

Oceania Cruises, Savor Exotic Destinations...

feel – but one needn't pack a tuxedo or evening gown. Oceania's crew-to-passenger ratio is kept small to provide unparalleled service to all. The intimate, beautifully designed, and stylishly appointed vessels of Oceania Cruises – the Regatta, Insignia, Nautica, Sirena, Marina, and Riviera – travel to all of the world's most idyllic and fascinating destinations, be it Africa or Alaska, the Mediterranean, or Montego Bay. Oceania Cruises not only offers a variety of possible sea journeys, but depending on the specific cruise, classes, lectures, and seminars are taught by experts. Savor wine-tasting experiences and upscale dining for gourmands, oenophiles, and the naturally curious.

Irene Firenze, Classic Tuscan Bistro...

f 2015 with an appreciation of maternal Cucina that has inspired Tuscan dishes that spring from the heart and soul of this sensitive virtuoso. The eatery is named after the mother of Rocco Forte, CEO of the eponymous hotel chain and Pierangelini's boss since the culinary wizard became executive chef for the hotel group in 2009. Irene, says Pierangelini, is a bit wild and playful, yet a tribute, through food, to maternal love.

TEFAF, Maastricht, Holland: The Unparalleled...

rivate art collectors. These luminaries attend with the expectation of being enthralled by the objets d'art on display and never come away from Maastricht disappointed. But art collectors are by no means the only enthusiasts in attendance at TEFAF. Virtually anyone with a serious interest in the fine art field is encouraged to attend. They enjoy the rare chance to rub shoulders at the fair with the more than 250 acclaimed art and antique dealers converging from the earth's four corners. TEFAF will take place March 12-20, 2022, at the MECC in the Dutch city of Maastricht. This event is not to be missed by any art lover.

Amadeus Luxury Cruises, Traveling the World's...

uisers to their name, a name synonymous with river cruising and intriguing destinations worldwide. As the company that leads the way on European river tours, they continue to offer all of their most popular routes, such as the River Seine and the Danube, while including more exotic choices like the Mekong and Irrawaddy. But wherever Amadeus Luxury Cruises calls you to travel the world’s most beautiful rivers, you can count on a journey conducted in complete comfort and luxury. With Covid-19 on the decline, you can begin to plan for your next cruise.

Offbeat Safaris...African Adventure in Style

Out of Africa, a riding safari, a romantic cottage, or the colonial manor that catches your fancy, Offbeat Safaris has the experience and accommodations to match your most fanciful dreams. After almost thirty years of hosting adventurers from all over the world, Offbeat Safaris and their guides have accumulated innumerous awards. The devotion and loyalty of a global clientele that returns again and again for that special touch of safari and adventure that Offbeat Safaris has come to embody and define.

Five Stunning World Class Pools

ng up to the glass windows, guests will soak in a glimpse of the bustling street activity along Century Avenue. Then, as the stress of the day melts quickly away in the warm water of the unique pool design, guests can feast their eyes on the captivating beauty of the Huangpu River. After floating in the soothing waters of the gorgeous infinity pool, guests can sit back and indulge in tempting drinks and food from the bar. The hotel staff is eager and ready to make the experience both pleasurable and memorable for guests who like to enjoy a late-night swim and nightcap.

La Belle Epoque and the Flamboyant Mr. Dumont

cement. Alberto Santos-Dumont, a flamboyant French-Brazilian aviation pioneer, had lived in Paris since 1891 and had quickly achieved fame for his aeronautical exploits. The people of Paris were captivated by the idea of powered flight in heavier-than-air machines, a very new development, still in the experimental stage. There was excitement in the air, as the great Mr. Dumont would be flying the latest model of his airplane, the Demoiselle, at the very first Air Show, held at Le Grand Palais in Paris, in the Fall of 1909. The "Exposition Internationale de Locomotion Aérienne" ushered in what was to become an enduring tradition.

French Curves and the Passion of Peter Mullin

Voisin, who gave the world what are perhaps the most beautiful automobiles ever created. Art Deco stylizing of the ’20s and ’30s involved many disciplines of design, but according to Mullin, its epicenter was the re-imagining of the automobile. The sleek, futuristic designs of the period were composed of polished wood, honed metal, glass, and a new material called plastic. You'll also see exquisite; handcrafted 19th-century carriages that were the genesis of the amazing world of automation that would fuel La Belle Epoch. Located sixty miles west of Los Angeles, Mullin transformed the original space (a warehouse which held Los Angeles Times publisher Otis Chandler’s vintage auto collection) recreating the ambiance of an imaginary Paris salon of the 1930s.

Stonewall Kitchen, Iconic Specialty Foods

n a competitive and growing specialty food segment (which sees sales of over $100 billion a year), Stonewall Kitchen has become an iconic Maine business success story and tourist destination, along with the likes of L.L. Bean and Tom’s of Maine.

Geoffrey Bradfield, Interior Designer Extraordinaire...

ish ancestors. Still, the faintest of intonation to his impeccable speech points to his rural upbringing in the starkly beautiful Transkei in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Perhaps, it is this juxtaposition between his genetic profile and the influence of a childhood spent roaming a rugged coastline on horseback, which has informed his bold choices on the way to becoming the award-winning designer of choice for his ‘Silent Celebrities.’ The farm boy has become the Mfundisi of Design to the royalty of Hollywood, monarchies, and corporate empires alike.

Tetris Housing, Modular Design Concepts for the...

would be the reason that he began to change the global residential building market. As a designer with the company, Universe Architecture Ruijssenaars attempted to formulate a flexible housing system with abundant natural light and 360-degree views. This design has become known as the Tetris House, named cleverly after the puzzle game in which pieces fit together to maximize the use of space.

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Canvas Only: Offering the World's Finest Large Format Originals & Classical Reproductions

t. These unframed, Rolled-Canvas works of art are mailed directly to you in a rigid shipping tube, with no shipping fee. Perhaps you have your own frame, or you'd like to stretch the Canvas yourself, if so, this is a perfect solution for you. While these works of art are not our Limited Edition, Zhee-Klay-Verssage paintings, they are still far superior to any other High-End prints on the market.</p> <p>We take great pride in all our Fine Art and these "Canvas Only" prints are no exception. Art Chateau is considered by Interior Designers as the Benchmark Brand for Modern and Classical reproductions, not to mention an array of Original Mixed-Media paintings that will captivate all those who gaze upon our Focal-Point tableaus. Our objective is to thrill the viewer and to captivate those who wish to bring High-End Style...via the "Fine Art of Interior Design".</p> <p>Our "Canvas Only" versions begin with our Trademark Process know as Digital Verssage, a method of enhancing the print before it is actually rendered. We then transfer the Digital image to Fine Archival canvas which produces brilliant colors and Super High-Resolution of unparalleled quality. Finally, our "Canvas Only" versions are finished with a proprietary Hand-Crafted Semi-Gloss varnish with Ultra UV protection, a truly brilliant idea! The results are Stunning and will command the attention of friend and foe alike.</p> <p>A further thought, all of our Fine-Art can be Custom Sized and Super-Sized to your specific needs. So, if you're looking to create elegance & ambiance with a heartwarming sense of satisfaction....please allow the Art Chateau team to work with you on your next decorating project. </p>

Luxury British Interiors by Clive Christian

izing in architectural paneling, timeless cabinetry, and furniture for stately rooms in the most exclusive residences. These interiors present a sound investment when creating a Legacy Home to be enjoyed today and appreciated by future generations. The Alpha Deco kitchen pictured above is an excellent example of Clive Christian's ever-expanding range of fine handcrafted cabinetry. For over 30 years, they have offered their bespoke design services, creating exceptional statement rooms for the rich and famous, including Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain.

Castello di Casole, A Thousand Year Old Tuscan...

The rich variety of colors, nature, and architecture has been captured thousands of times in paintings and photographs, so visitors feel they are in a place comfortable and familiar. The grounds are designed with breathtaking vistas of tiers and rows to reflect the region’s roots in wines such as Chianti, Vino Noble di Montepulciano, and Brunello di Montalcino. On multiple sides, the villa is flanked – almost guarded – by sentinel-like Tuscan Cypress trees, tall and coiffed by nature’s winds for generations. Castello di Casole with its breathtaking majesty, is truly a Thousand-Year-Old Tuscan Masterpiece.

The Amazing World of Eataly will Blow your Mind

Oscar Farinetti, teamed up with Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali. They are the forces behind this eclectic group of critically acclaimed restaurateurs. This collaboration has been nothing less than sensational, a foodie’s dream. Eataly is a high-end mix of gourmet foods, artisan bakery, brewery, and cheese shop, defined by Eataly’s mission statement, “Life is too short not to eat well.” Visiting Eataly is a mind-expanding experience – though it might expand the waistline a wee bit, too.