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Erotic Image Study by Manasse Foto-Salon

the 1930s with unprecedented photography.

Preston Hollow, TX Interior Design, Claude Monet Painting

ence of lily pads in his backyard, or here the promise of spring, in a canvas that is a collection of swaths of light, summing up to equal the artist’s experience of a vernal moment. A Mixed-Media painting, perfect for Classical Decoration.

Dancers, after Painting by Edgar Degas

ses treated dancers, as here, and were worked on assiduously, not thrown together in a swirl of loose, light strokes, improvised in the moment. A Mixed-Media work of art.

Greenway Parks, TX Interior Designers, after Edgar Degas Painting

s with the “Four Dancers” here, and were worked on over a period of time, unlike the quickly-created oeuvre of many of his contemporaries. A Mixed-Media Painting, perfect for Luxe Decor.

Meadow in Bloom, after Egbert Rubertus Derk Schaap

hnique of pastoral scenes was a sensory delight for those living in the Netherlands. This splendid reproduction painting of a Meadow in Bloom is a snapshot of harmony before the deluge to come.

Belle Epoque Painting, after Louis Marie De Schryve

. Here the painter has gone back in time to imagine bouquet vendors selling flowers near the Tuileries Garden.

Vintage Hollywood Photograph of Joan Crawford

day We Live" by William Faulkner.

The Rue du Havre, after Louis Marie de Schryver

. Here the painter has gone back in time some 150 years to imagine bouquet vendors on The Rue du Havre. Mixed-Media Painting.

Southeastern Design Showhouse, after Edgar Degas

s with “La Classe de danse” here, and Degas’s commitment to accuracy and his formal education in coloring are apparent. A Mixed-Media painting, perfect for Chateau Decorating.

Preston Hollow, Dallas Interior Design, Jean Gabriel Domergue Painting

we see his portrait of Hazel, an emblematic Domergue that is enchanting with its light-hearted and innocuous sexuality. A Mixed-Media painting, perfect for Classical decorating.

Soho, NYC Interior Design, Dorte Clara Wolff Painting

ischa Spoliansky and Marlene Dietrich during the glamorous high society of the Weimar era. This Mixed-Media work of art illustrates a vibrant street scene in Berlin during the 1920s. Perfect for Art Deco Interiors.

Farmhouse near Arles, after Painting by Vincent van Gogh

d broken facture to capture the mind’s re-interpretation of nature. His “Farmhouse” is an Expressionist impulse, with heavy paint, vibrancy, and bits of pointillism.

Greenway Parks, TX Interior Design, after Jean Domergue

e see his “Hazel”, a typically sensuous piece that enchants with its light-hearted and cool sexuality. A Mixed-Media painting, perfect for Luxury Interiors.

French Interior Design, after Leopold Kowalski

ies, portraits, landscapes. Here we see his innate ability to render realism and Impressionism in this dreamlike and evocative canvas. A Mixed-Media painting, perfect for modern French interiors.

Hudson Yards Interior Design, after Hannah Hoch

and was one of the originators of photomontage. This unique Mixed-Media work of art was painstakingly remastered at our Studios in 2016. Perfect for Art Deco Interiors.

Cafe in Asnieres, after Vincent Van Gogh

ture. This work, part of the artist’s series in Asnieres, uses vivid hues and short brushstrokes to engage the viewer more profoundly. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Convent Near Arles, after Vincent Van Gogh

k features the yellow and purple fields of Arles, beloved by the artist, in a composition inspired by his collection of Japanese woodcuts. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

First Steps, after Vincent Van Gogh

Steps” is Van Gogh’s “colorized” version of Jean-Francois Millet’s black-and-white drawing, made while the artist was an inmate in the Saint-Remy asylum. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

A View of Cairo, after painting by Tony Binder

ting and evocative Arab cityscape, executed with care and colored with a palette of brick, sand, and sea. A Mixed-Media painting.

The Raising of Lazarus, after Vincent Van Gogh

’s “The Raising of Lazarus” departs from the usual Biblical paintings in its lack of obvious holy figures and its expressive style. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

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