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A Thomas Hudson Painting, Limited Edition (4/50)

ward, politician and younger brother of Prime Minister Robert Walpole, conveys refinement and authority. A Mixed-Media painting.

Allegory of Vanity, Limited Edition (3/50)

mpire - pearls, books, coins, and a clock. Conquest, empire, and wealth, Pereda tells us, are vain endeavors mocked by time.

Queen Anne Style Painting, Limited Edition (7/50)

nfluence; Sarah Churchill was a long-time friend and confidante of Princess (later Queen) Anne.

Flemish artist Anthony van Dyck, Limited Edition (19/50)

this work by the Flemish master; three years later she would wed Prince William of Orange at the age of nine. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

19th Century British Painting, Limited Edition (16/50)

Henry would render the landscapes. William Barraud’s incredible knack for portraying the equine and canine forms is apparent in this appealing work of art that was remastered at our Studio's in 2016.

A Mixed-Media Painting, Limited Edition (6/50)

e world. Here the grandmaster captures the sweet innocence of two young adults in this glorious garden setting.

The Meeting of Anthony and Cleopatra, Limited Edition (12/50)

Cleopatra,” fell into disfavor with critics and collectors soon after his death but were reappraised positively and with great vigor in the 1960s. This Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for Classical decorating and luxury apartments at the Turin in New York City.

16th Century Hunting Portrait, Limited Edition (22/50)

ter stage as Sir John grips the stag’s antlers, in this Mixed-Media work from Art Chateau.

The Sunshine of Frida Kahlo, by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (3/50)

red in a bus accident. Kahlo later became politically active and married fellow communist artist Diego Rivera in 1929. This colorful tableau was painstakingly rendered with Acrylic Paint, Air Brush, Fine Art Pencils, and Digital enhancements.

Italian Landscape, after Abraham Pether, Limited Edition (12/50)

l scenes, which increased in the late eighteenth century. These Woodland paintings represented a natural aesthetic appeal that was popular at the time. This Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is ideal for Transitional Interior Design in Greenway Parks, Texas.

Neoclassical Painting, Limited Edition (31/50)

bility and dramatic forms of the past, exemplified here in his portrait of Emperor Napoleon. Remastered at our Studios in 2014.

Renaissance Revival Painting, Limited Edition (32/50)

-Media work of art has been painstakingly remastered at our Studios using our exclusive Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

French Neoclassical Style, Limited Edition (18/50)

r Augustus. Here, he has used vivid colors that were preferred by the Neoclassical artist of the day. Mixed-Media painting remastered c.2016.

Neoclassical Style Painting, Limited Edition (34/50)

st would paint as he bid adieu to the genre with sumptuous colors and imaginative detail that were the hallmark of an era. Mixed-Media painting, c.2014.

Neoclassical Style Painting, Limited Edition (30/50)

Rome and shows the young man of legend whose search for beauty is said to have resulted in the Trojan War. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau, c.2014.

French Artist Pascal Gerard, Limited Edition (16/50)

r in coronation finery, luxurious robes that had been specially created for a one of a kind crowning that was replete with propaganda.

Advance to Yorktown by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (9/50)

that freedom is not free. Perfect for traditional decorating and the best Art Galleries in Washington, DC.

Comtesse d'Haussonville, Limited Edition (23/50)

sonville was a bit risque for its time, as she seems to be caught unaware in her bedroom by a visitor. Mixed-Media Painting.

Louis XVI Distributing Alms, Limited Edition (2/50)

wn in happier times, giving out money to impoverished peasants near his Palace of Versailles. A Mixed-Media painting.

Neoclassical Painting, Limited Edition (17/50)

of Napoleon, about a year before she was crowned Queen of the Italian city-state of Naples. A Mixed-Media painting.