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Saint George Slaying the Dragon, Limited Edition (6/50)

s and her people from a horrible dragon. Saint George stands in his gilded stirrups, poised above the dragon as he saves the bejeweled princess from her fate. A Mixed-Media painting, perfect for transitional interiors and luxury homes in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Renaissance Style Painting, Limited Edition (12/50)

lluring painting. Dare to gaze upon the dangerous seductress with an enigmatic expression as she contemplates the head of John the Baptist. A Mixed-Media Painting.

School of Fontainebleau, Limited Edition (18/50)

ral. This painting was a result of an invitation of Francis I to decorate his elaborate bath at Chateau Fontainebleau. A Mixed-Media painting.

The Two Princesses, after Lucas Cranach, Limited Edition (10/50)

contemporary portraiture is indicative of the young maiden's intriguing stare upon the viewer, with an enigmatic expression that is reserved, although accentuated with wisdom. This highly nuanced, Mixed-Media painting is perfect for Luxe Home Decor and luxury homes in University Park, Texas.

Fifth-Dimension by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (11/50)

the fundamental forces known in the universe mathematically. The ultimate goal of connecting gravity and electromagnetic force into a fifth dimension. This is indeed an abstraction but does frequently occur in mathematics, where it is a legitimate construct. So, welcome to a vision of the Fifth Dimension. This Mixed-Media tableau from Barrett Evon and Art Chateau's Studios is ideal for modern interior design projects and the best art galleries in Miami, Florida.

Best Art Galleries in Los Angeles

s the most sought-after actress from the glory days of German cinema. She is widely remembered as the robot Maria from the 1927 movie Metropolis, one of the most powerful iconic images in the history of film. In 1935, Helm married Dr. Hugo von Kuenheim, an industrialist of Jewish descent, and they quickly moved to Switzerland to escape the insanity of Hitler and the Nazis. Perfect for Modern Art Deco Interiors.

Northern Renaissance Painting, Limited Edition (9/50)

ute. Our Mixed-Media painting shows the influence of Italian iconography, to which Van Scorel was introduced during his trip to Rome.

Portrait of a Young Maiden, Limited Edition (10/50)

issance. The young maiden has an intriguing stare upon the viewer and an enigmatic expression that is reserved, although accentuated with wisdom.

The Virgin and Child after Adriaen Isenbrandt, Limited Edition (16/50)

op specializing in religious subjects and rendered conservatively in the tradition of the Early Netherlandish period. This remarkable Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau was remastered in 2019 and is well suited for Pre-War Luxury Apartments and the stunning Beresford at 211 Central Park West, NYC.

Saints Gregory, Maurice and Augustine, Limited Edition (7/50)

Left), Saint Maurice (Center), and Saint Augustine on the right. This Mixed-Media tableau is quintessentially Italian and well suited for Villas on Lake Travis, Austin, Texas.

Classical Interior Design, Limited Edition (7/50)

ing of Rome by the twins Romulus and Remus had not yet become a legend in the era portrayed, but a statue of them appears anachronistically. Remastered at Art Chateau.

Dusseldorf Illustration, Limited Edition (7/50)

ered at our Studios using our exclusive Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage.

Iranian Folk Art, Limited Edition (18/50)

ixed-Media painting from Art Chateau, we see hints of ancient Persian ornate illuminations in the expressionist modernist style. Originally rendered by Sadegh Tabrizi in 1971.

French Baroque Revival, Limited Edition (8/50)

This lovely and haunting work by Dore, “The Neophyte”, was recently remastered by Art Chateau in 2017.

Mythological Tale of Apelles, Limited Edition (7/50)

artist to Alexander the Great, who succumbed to the beauty of the sovereign’s slave but was rewarded by the king with the gift of Campaspe to Apelles.

Dutch Golden Age Portrait, Limited Edition (7/50)

ard Picart shows humanity and intelligence in the subject executed with masterful lines and drawing ability.

Implacable Universe by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (29/50)

a new aspirational zeitgeist for the 21st Century. Academics might just say ... far freaking out. Evon's remarkable work was painstakingly rendered with acrylic paint, Air Brush, Art Pencils, and digital enhancements.

Baroque Revival, Limited Edition (11/50)

s, a theme sounded more than once in the Revolution’s fervor, in the hopes equality might bring concord. A Mixed-Media work of art.