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Grand Tour Style Painting, Limited Edition (5/50)

arliament and son of a wealthy banker, with Jacob Chambers, these two gentlemen made an excursion throughout Italy seeking artifacts of the Roman Empire. Art Chateau c.2015.

Neoclassical style Painting, Limited Edition (25/50)

s a depiction of a young beauty in a Neoclassical style with connotations of a nymph or goddess.

Still-life with Fruit and Flowers after Nicola Malinconico, Limited Edition (8/50)

h still-life master David de Coninck. Here we see the young Nicola at his best with a beautiful arrangement of fruit, flowers, and a mischievous dog. This stunning Mixed-Media tableau is a real feast for the eyes and perfect for luxury apartments at the Eldorado, 300 Central Park West in New York City.

John Talbot, the 1st Earl of Talbot, Limited Edition (4/50)

l of Talbot, standing next to a Roman Urn in 1773. This Classical Mixed-Media tableau is a perfect choice for Period-Style decorating and luxury apartments at 998 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Young Beauty, after Eugen von Blaas, Limited Edition (21/50)

y” is an enchanting von Blaas, a well-executed study of a wading nude in a glowing canvas that exudes sensuality. This lovely Mixed-Media tableau is ideal for traditional and modern interior design and luxury lofts in Tribeca, New York City.

Garbo in Red, by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (10/50)

by the American Film Institute as one of the greatest female stars of Classic Hollywood cinema. Louis B. Mayer once said, "Garbo's magnetism emanates from her eyes; she has glamour and fascination for both sexes and will never be equaled on the screen." Evon's engaging work was painstakingly rendered with acrylic paint, Air Brush, Art Pencils, and digital enhancements.

Milano Civetta after Giovanni Boldini, Limited Edition (11/50)

flowing brushstrokes that characterized his work. This eye-catching Boldini shows the impact that the evocative sensibility of Degas made on his style. Perfect for modern and contemporary interior design projects and luxury condos at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Dolly Baird of Dumbarton Scotland, Limited Edition (12/50)

how he earned that moniker in its vaguely suggested background and loose fracture, producing the dress of Dolly Baird in motion. This remarkable Mixed-Media tableau will make a dramatic focal point for contemporary and modern interior design projects and luxury West Village Townhouses in New York City.

Fortuna after Guido Reni, Limited Edition (17/50)

Luck in composition using vivid hues and masterful application of oils to achieve the delicate appearance of the figures. This eye-catching Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for Transitional Interiors and Luxury Barton Creek Estates in Austin, Texas.

A View of Venice, Limited Edition (13/50)

architectural likeness made even more fascinating with its reflection in the water and ample sky behind. A Mixed-Media painting.

Joys of Childhood, after Gaetano Chierici, Limited Edition (2/50)

f Childhood” is stunningly realistic and evokes warmth and a tender feeling with its delicate brushwork and graceful composition. This heartwarming tableau is perfect for luxury homes in South Carolina.

Statue of David, after Michelangelo, Limited Edition (16/50)

ngelo in the early 16th Century and soon came to symbolize the defense of civil liberties embodied in Florence by the Medici family. Perfect for Modern Interior Design and luxury homes in Glencoe, Illinois.

Erotic Belle Epoque Portrait, Limited Edition (13/50)

fted in depicting attractive young women, as he did here in “Alluring Gaze”, an exquisitely-rendered portrait of a captivating siren.

Venetian School Painting, Limited Edition (14/50)

ative of 18th-century Venetian sensibilities. Moses has been found in a marsh by a slave woman and given to Pharaoh’s wife.

Regency Girls after Vittorio Reggianini, Limited Edition (16/50)

,” we see three young actresses enjoying the applause, flowers, and occasional missive thrown to them on stage. This engaging tableau is an excellent Mixed-Media work of art and perfect for luxury homes in Henderson, Nevada.

Shanghai Enigma by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (29/50)

naked before the unknown, you are presented with the temptation to open the door and enter into an enigma. Evon's sensational tableau was painstakingly rendered with acrylic paint, Air Brush, Gold Leaf, Art Pencils, and digital enhancements.

Remastered French Masterpiece, Limited Edition (4/50)

dia painting depicts a three-year-old Mademoiselle Girard with a toy carriage, dressed in finery, with a melancholy expression for the viewer.

The Tulip Craze, after Jean Leon Gerome, Limited Edition (11/50)

that swept Holland in the first part of the seventeenth century, with soldiers destroying flowers in an attempt to balance supply and demand. This wonderful Mixed-Media tableau is ideal for luxury homes in Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas.

Belle Epoch Period, Limited Edition (17/50)

ordinary life. Here we can see the special bond between younger and older sisters in this warm and evocative genre scene. Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau, c.2014.