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The Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia, c.1579, Oil on Canvas

llo’s wizardry for bringing jewels and fabrics to life from the canvas does not fail to charm the viewer.

The Archduke Diego Ernesto of Austria, c.1580, Oil on Canvas

ic champion, who later governed Spanish Holland.

The 1633 Spanish Capture of Breisach by the Duke of Feria, c.1635, Oil on Canvas

riumphs in the Thirty Years’ War, this work being a prime example of his immense skills.

The Surrender of Jülich, c.1635, Oil on Canvas

ten years later he died in a sanitarium in Zaragoza.

Equestrian Portrait of an Elegant Couple, c.1650, Oil on Canvas

in this century by a Dutch art dealer, who attributes the landscape to Jan Wildens and the animals to de Vos.

The Virgin of the Rosary, c.1660, Oil on Canvas

lues that produce Mary’s robes and the finely-calibrated use of light entrance the beholder.

Allegory of Charity, c.1650, Oil on Canvas

f the Italian master. Here Zurburan personifies Charity, which Thomas Aquinas (another Zurburan subject) called “the most excellent of the virtues”.

Judith with the Head of Holofernes, after Mihael Stroj

l work depicts the stealthy Jewish heroine after she beheaded the Assyrian general, who was about to destroy her village.

La Source, after Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

cal painting by Ingres depicts a young and delicate Aphrodite pouring water from a vase, the subject modeled after the daughter of his concierge. A Mixed-Media painting.

Siege of Hertogenbosch, after Painting by Paulus Hillegaert

y Prince Frederik Henrik, depicted here by Hillegaert in his full martial glory. Mixed-Media Painting.

Apollo and Diana Punish Niobe, after Abraham Bloemaert

of figures, aided by his mastery of light and color, help to animate the divine wrath upon his subjects. Remastered at Art Chateau 2014.

Venetian Interior Design painting

g from Byzantine associations and eventually amalgamating into the Venetian style. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

The Rape of Europa, after Painting by Marten de Vos

The Rape of Europa" is a flawless painting that uses color and brushwork to denote movement and full-blooded life. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Ferdinand of Austria, after Painting by Gaspar de Crayer

and foreboding in demeanor, and in his last decades, his work tended toward the more sensational.

Renaissance Revival Painting, after Johann Baptist Reiter

Vienna with a four-horse carriage and a Moor as a servant.

Apollo and Aurora, after Painting by Gerard de Lairesse

urora, popular in Baroque art, as newlyweds in this nuanced composition from Art Chateau.

The Children of Charles I, after Anthony van Dyck

f Charles II, symbolic of power; the very human royal children contrast markedly with the miniature adults of the previous generation’s art. A Mixed-Media Painting.

Baroque Painting, after Ferdinand Bol

sents wisdom. While the original Baroque Painting was rendered in1663, our Mixed-Media painting was created in 2019.

Modern Interior Design, Peter Paul Rubens Painting

legory-heavy piece; in the real-life battle commemorated, de’Medici’s role was insignificant. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

Tuscan Interior Design painting, after Orazio Lomi Gentileschi

creasingly formulaic. A Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau.

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