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432 Park Avenue & the Staggering Zenith of Kelly Behun

Park West, immortalized in the 2014 Michael Gross bestseller House of Outrageous Fortune, this new western frontier lured moneyed buyers from the worlds of sport, entertainment, and technology. But with the recent unveiling of 432 Park Avenue, the East Side has once more captured bragging rights to New York City's most coveted residences. Standing 88 stories and nearly 1,400 feet in height, 432 Park is the tallest all-residential building in the world. In its exquisite finishes and features, its unsurpassed amenity suite, and its price tags approaching $83 million, 432 Park serves notice it’s captured the crown as New York City’s most impressive residence.

Rémy Martin's LOUIS XIII...Discover the Heritage...

artin wanted to showcase a blend of his house’s most refined and oldest Eaux-de-vie, which, up to this point, had been distributed in barrels. Paul-Émile had the vision to put his LOUIS XIII cognac in impeccably designed and individually numbered fine crystal decanters, based on a 16th-century metal flask discovered on the battle site Jarnac in France. Each version of the LOUIS XIII collection has its unique vessel, but all tie back to the original flask’s design. This exclusive offering introduced a new level of opulence that embodied the craftsmanship and excellence synonymous with the Rémy Martin name.

Liberty Coach...The Premier Family Owned...

it into a go-to producer. In the mid-1950s, Greyhound Bus selected his company to produce aluminum parts for its coaches, a contract that propelled the manufacturer into the bus conversion business. Late in the next decade, the founder’s son, Frank Konigseder, founded Liberty Coach, the name an homage to his Libertyville, Ill. hometown. Exhibiting his conversions at shows across the country, he ultimately connected with Prevost. That contact led to Liberty turning out a dozen new Prevost conversions in a scant single year's time. The rest, as they say, is history. Today Liberty Coach completes 28 lifestyle coach projects each and every year. And Frank's sons Frank Jr. and Kurt have picked up where their dad left off, taking the family business to new heights as the premier conversion company in North America.

Blenheim House, One Tower Bridge…

– where else can you find such a city that so adeptly balances the richness of the past with the innovation of the future? The beauty and majesty of Tower Bridge, for example, has a long and storied history spanning back to the late 19th century. Not to be confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge has become one of the most emblematic structures in the entire city – and at Blenheim House, it’s right outside your door. London has so much to offer, just a few steps away, and you’ll find yourself in the heart of some of the most stunning architecture, cultural destinations, and fabulous restaurants.

The American Bar at the Iconic Savoy...

med for serving American-style mixed drinks--a trend that grew into a tradition of artfully designed craft cocktails--the American Bar is the longest standing bar in Europe, having maintained the same name since the late nineteenth century. In 1903, the bar’s first distinguished tender arrived--and was none other than a woman. Ada “Coley” Coleman’s signature Hanky Panky remains a popular order at the American Bar today, and her successor, Harry Craddock, was responsible for the invention of several classic concoctions of his own. He cemented his legacy by compiling the Savoy’s recipes into the esteemed Savoy Cocktail Book. The compendium maintains its acclaim as a bartender’s bible to this very day.

The Galapagos Islands...Darwin's Rare Wonder

up and down while searching for food. The iguanas don't flinch as the finches continue removing annoying bugs from their wrinkled hides. This surprising interdependence is even more remarkable as a small band of visitors stands about ten feet away. Lucky cruise guests walk the islands with Galapagos Park Naturalists, and the wildlife barely notice. It's a cooperation that Charles Darwin would have appreciated after studying the small finches of the islands and changing the way the world looks at evolution.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Final Mystery... The Case of...

he National Gallery London in 2011; the canvas was then authenticated as an original Leonardo early in 2017. After showings in San Francisco, Hong Kong, and New York, it came to Christie’s auction house in New York, where it sold to a private buyer for $450.3 million. But the haunting mystery of the masterwork and a compelling aspect of its mystique is why the portrait spent much of three centuries hidden away. And what exactly happened to the painting for the nearly 50-year interval between its sale for a mere 45 British pounds at Sotheby‘s auction in 1958 and a 2005 auction at an American estate, more of a regional soiree. To solve the Mysterious Case of Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, please read on.

Louis Comfort Tiffany's Glass Mosaics Panels...

he realm of American jewelry--but his son, Louis Comfort Tiffany, went on to champion some of the finest stained glass mosaics ever created. He incorporated various materials like opalescent glass, iridescent glass, and three-dimensional “jewels” to pioneer an entirely new look in the world of glass mosaics. Tiffany was a talented artist who was willing to experiment with his art, and this led to breakthroughs in the field of mosaics and the creation of masterpieces that are still highly acclaimed to this day.

Oris, Swiss Made Watches...A Profound Spirit of...

ndence of the watch's makers. The traditional, highly mechanical performance of its products, as well as the company's well-established and fiercely self-reliant stance, have helped vault Oris into the forefront of the world's watch-loving consciousness. Long-time CEO Ulrich W. Herzog shepherded the watchmaker through and past the quartz crisis to a position right alongside the best-known names in the business. As the world rediscovers its desire for watches reliant not on quartz but on cogs and gears, Oris enjoys an ascendant position among Swiss watchmakers. With its Baselworld 2017 debut of the sleekly modern Aquis Date, an update on the traditional diver's watch, Oris did nothing but crystallize that enviable position.

111 Murray Street...Luxe Living in the Heart...

the city. The ultra-modern building boasts over 20,000 square feet of luxury, with amenities ranging from a tearoom and patisserie to a Turkish hammam. Two full-floor penthouses cap off the 64-story building, crowned by an elegantly curving steel sculpture that commands additional drama an architectural marvel conceived by the highly respected architectural minds at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. Born of design visionaries and modernist trailblazers, 111 Murray is setting its sights on redefining what it means to live life at the top.

Cristobal Balenciaga...Reflections on the Premier...

the Legion d'Honneur. He was a recluse who preferred privacy to adulation while revolutionizing the female silhouette in the 20th Century, whose clothes molded to the body even as they gave it new form, and insisted upon poise while seeking always to allow freedom of movement. He was Balenciaga, son of a Basque mariner, who from an early age learned his craft at his mother's side and found spirit from his father's ethos, which ultimately gave birth to the business adventure of Cristóbal Balenciaga. A journey that would lead him to Paris, fame, and a career celebrated in 2017 with the 100th Anniversary opening of his original fashion house in San Sebastián.

Marlene Dietrich...The Iconic German Actress who Became an American Patriot

Berlin, Marie Magdalene Dietrich aspired to become a violinist before a career-ending injury gave rise to the conception of Marlene Dietrich, the iconic German actress who became an American patriot and icon of fashion, film, and sexual independence. Blazing a trajectory through the fertile ground of Weimar Berlin, Dietrich’s early career spanned bit parts and chorus girl lineups, acting and singing her way from the shadows to the limelight in cabaret and musical revues. Her family’s disapproval necessitated the name that became synonymous with a glamorous, androgynous, and provocative sex appeal, but her debut in silent movies in the early 1920s foretold none of the success that was to come.

Amman, Jordan and My Journey to the Ancient Ruins...

into the 21st-Century. Natural wonders, architectural beauty, historical preservation, adventure travel, and culinary experiences matched with palatial luxuries are more than enough reason to plan several days, if not weeks, exploring the country. However, my first thirty-six hours there convinced me that even ten days was not enough. On arrival in Amman, visitors find that Queen Alia airport is wide open and bright, modern, and easy to navigate, even with jet lag. The first sounds, smells, and the feel of this ancient city imprint swiftly. I remember that the temperatures in October were balmy, the air was dry, and the unfamiliar faces surrounding me were kind and welcoming.

Hermann Goering and the Cultural Rape of Europe

opean art that would be Germany's for the taking with every country overrun by its military machine. Of particular interest to both men were the priceless works of art from the Dutch Golden Age. It was Hitler's dream of creating a spectacular art museum in Linz, Austria, where he would place works by Peter Paul Rubens, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and others. Not to be outdone, Goering vied to confiscate prized art for his own private collection. Characteristically exacting German precision was employed in appraising every one of these works. Each objet d'art would be earmarked either for Hitler's planned museum, high-ranking German officials' collections, or for sale to finance the seemingly inexorable expansion of the Nazi regime.

Montage Palmetto Bluff ... A Classic, Quintessential...

South is famous for. Possessing all the natural beauty the Deep South can claim, the resort rises out of the sandy soil along the May River, amidst salt marshes, maritime forests, and Live and Red Oaks adorned with Spanish Moss. For a classic, southern escape, one need look no further, for Palmetto Bluff, conveniently placed between Hilton Head Island and Savannah, Georgia, offers all the life and luxury a connoisseur of life itself may wish for. Whether looking for a weekend escape, a holiday rental, or a new residence, Montage Palmetto Bluff has it all.

The Voynich Manuscript ... Fraught with Mystery and...

rack its vellum shell. William Friedman, co-creator and chief cryptologist of the NSA, felt it an invented language and hence an enigma beyond resolution. Even in the 21st Century, we appear no closer to solving the mystery than we were when it first appeared in the late 1500s. Or are we? Will Artificial Intelligence be the singular sleuth to solve the mystery that has obsessed many a cryptologist, even to the point of death? If so, it may disappoint the Finnish self-styled prophet Viekko Latvala, who claimed to have succeeded where others had failed thanks to his fluency in ‘the language of prophecy,’ purportedly also the language of the immovable codex. However, Latvala may yet find vindication in his assertion that ‘no one normal human can decode it.’

Cecil Beaton and his Amazing Legacy with...

bouquets, and mirrored staircases. His breathtaking portraits of Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Johnny Weissmuller, and European artists including Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso fostered Beaton’s success on both sides of the Atlantic. After mastering photography, Beaton began designing lavish costumes for opera, theatre, and film. For his craftsmanship in costume design, he won four Tony Awards and two Academy Awards (Gigi in 1958 and My Fair Lady in 1964). A member of London’s bohemian aristocrats known as the Bright Young Things, Cecil Beaton developed his own personal sense of style. Above, we see a portrait of Beaton in his lavish home bathroom with countless hand signatures of friends and celebrities and wearing a custom jacket by Lanz of Salzburg.

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Last Updated: February 2, 2018

Red Metropolis, Starring Brigitte Helm, Limited Edition (4/50)

gitte Helm in a dual performance as the innocent Maria and her counterpart, a hypersexed Robot living in a dystopian Metropolis. This stunning tableau was rendered with acrylic paint, Air Brush, Fine Art Pencils, Pastels, and Digital enhancements.

Zurich, Switzerland Getaway...

tation of the Latin name, lies nestled between wooded hills with stunning views of the Alps, a now sprawling city on the shores of Lake Zurich that has become a modern playground for the rich and famous. Renowned for the craftsmen who built and eventually ruled Zurich for centuries, the city itself has become synonymous with luxury hotels and superb shopping, but for the best Zurich, Switzerland getaway, you’ll want to stay at the Baur au Lac and shop the amazing Bahnhofstrasse. And with their signature VIP Service, the Baur au Lac Hotel ensures that their guests land in the lap of luxury from the moment they set foot in Zurich.