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Melancholy, after Albert Edelfelt, Limited Edition (9/50)

melancholy and uncertainty in the subject's eyes, captured expertly by the hand of Edelfelt. This remastered, Mixed-Media tableau is ideal for the interior design of luxury villas and French Chateau's.

World's Columbian Exposition, after Walter Shirlaw, Limited Edition (4/50)

rsary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World in 1492. This is a remastered, Mixed-Media work of art and perfect for Classical Interior Design.

Self-Portrait, after Charles-Antoine Coypel, Limited Edition (10/50)

ks. This splendid 1734 self-portrait evokes an artist who is quietly confident in his talents and intellect. A remastered, Mixed-Media painting and perfect for French Chateaus in Dallas.

Elsie Ferguson, after Charles Gates Sheldon, Limited Edition (7/50)

o have sold $85,000 worth of bonds in less than an hour. This stunning Limited Edition, Mixed-Media painting was nuanced in 2017 by the Studios of Art Chateau and is ideal for Las Vegas Interior Designers.

The Flying Circus, after Ed Valigursky, Limited Edition (11/50)

lying circus. The aficionado of either airplanes or working-class art will appreciate the love and care that went into this gem. This remastered, Mixed-Media painting is well suited for modern decorating and the best Interior Design in Pacific Palisades, California.

Ziegfeld Follies Girl, Mary Eaton, Limited Edition (17/50)

nd -twenties, a child star who joined the celebrated ensemble and became its undisputed headliner for a significant period. This Colorized, remastered, Mixed-Media photograph is ideal for luxury penthouses in New York City.

Portrait of Madeleine Parker, Colorized, Limited Edition (13/50)

icture is of Madeleine Parker, who twirled upon the stage for the last time at 25. A remastered Mixed-Media photograph from Art Chateau and a wonderful example of interior design trends in the Hamptons.

Ziegfeld Follies Girl, Billie Dove, Colorized, Limited Edition (12/50)

he age of fourteen, then at eighteen, she had her first movie contract and went on to dalliances with Howard Hughes. She transitioned to sound pictures smoothly but chose to retire in 1934 to raise her family. This Colorized, Remastered, Mixed-Media photograph from Art Chateau is perfect for luxury homes in Trousdale Estates.

Flight of the Maidens, after Edward Burne-Jones, Limited Edition (7/50)

titans of the Renaissance. Here we see a wonderful Mixed-Media reproduction of a Burne-Jones painting depicting the Wizard and the Maiden. Ideal for Modern Tribeca Mansions.

Portrait of Mata Hari, Colorized, Limited Edition (14/50)

n canvas with a brush. Here Boyer captured Mata Hari, an infamous Allied spy in WWI. The original 1907 black and white photograph has been colorized and remastered at the Studios of Art Chateau in 2016. Perfect for creating a Hollywood Regency design style.

Vanity Fair Magazine Cover, after Frank Leyendecker, Limited Edition (12/50)

working in New York; It was here that Frank began magazine illustration for Vanity Fair and Life Magazine. This remastered, Mixed-Media Tableau is perfect for contemporary decorating and luxury Bluffview Dallas homes.

Forbidden Lover, after Mead Schaeffer, Limited Edition (7/50)

his life in the same town as fellow illustrator Norman Rockwell. “Forbidden Lover” uses an interesting blend of colors to conjure his 1932 masterpiece, featuring two Venetian lovers. This remastered, Mixed-Media painting is perfect for Interior Designers in Hollywood Hills.

Caravaggio's Martyrdom of Saint Matthew, Limited Edition (10/50)

capability of combining photorealism that was unparalleled in the early 17th century. A remastered, Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau and perfect for Houston's River Oaks Estates.

Vintage Movie Poster, La Grande Illusion, Limited Edition (5/50)

ettable film explores the relationships forged by World War I. At its essence, it is a tale about what it means to be human. This remastered, Mixed-Media movie poster is perfect for Lofts, Townhouses, and Hollywood Regency Interiors design.

Dome of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Limited Edition (9/50)

and grandeur, a remastered, Mixed-Media photograph from Art Chateau and perfect for Atlanta's Southeastern Designer Showhouse.

Casablanca, with Bogart and Bergman, Limited Edition (16/50)

nd Humphrey Bogart together. Perhaps it could be the romantic setting of Morocco. It might be the flashback setting of an even more romantic Paris. Certainly, all the above, play it again Sam. This remastered Mixed-Media poster is perfect for the best interior designers in South Beach, Florida.

James Cagney Starring in Public Enemy, Limited Edition (9/50)

solidified Warners’ rep as the studio to watch for gangster films. Finally, he created a film that remains a cinematic icon to this day. This remastered, Mixed-Media Movie poster is perfect for modern interior design and luxury townhouses in Tribeca, New York City.

Robin Hood of Eldorado, after Howard Pyle, Limited Edition (4/50)

nd Hispanic influences. Baxter was the right choice for Mr. Hood, having won an Oscar for his star turn as the Cisco Kid in the 1928 film, In Old Arizona. This remastered Mixed-Media painting is perfect for Southwest decorating and Luxury Homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Over the Moon Starring Clara Bow, Limited Edition (6/50)

e film capital's frenetic pressures. On the French Riviera, she finds herself equally befuddled, having wed a man she scarcely knows. This remastered, Mixed-Media movie poster is perfect for a luxury Flatiron District Penthouse in New York City.

The Sheik with Rudolph Valentino, Limited Edition (7/50)

eik who abducts a spirited Englishwoman and whisks her to his glittering desert home. She demands to be freed, only to later realize she's fallen in love. This remastered Mixed-Media, movie poster is perfect for the Pasadena Showcase House.