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Fifth-Dimension by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (11/50)

ll the fundamental forces known in the Universe mathematically with the ultimate goal of connecting gravity and electromagnetic force into a fifth dimension. This is indeed an abstraction but does frequently occur in mathematics, where it is a legitimate construct. So, welcome to a vision of the Fifth Dimension. Our Mixed-Media work from Barrett Evon, and the Studios of Art Chateau is a stunning conversation piece that will add a new design dimension to modern interior design. Perfect for luxury Baccarat Residences in Miami, Florida.

A Study in Red, after Howard Christy, Limited Edition (18/50)

te's age; independent women were beginning to be featured in a new light at the dawn of the 20th century. This Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau will make a dramatic impact on any high-end decorating project and luxury estates in Hidden Hills, California.

Desire and Satisfaction, after Jan Toorop, Limited Edition (13/50)

stive of primitive Javanese art yet brings 21st-Century Pop-Art impulses to this remastered, Mixed-Media painting from Art Chateau. Perfect for Modern Interior Design and the Society Biscayne Apartments in Miami, Florida.

Barrett Evon, Darwin's Revolution, Signed Limited Edition (13/50)

lication of "The Origin of Species," Darwin radically changed how the world looks at biology forever and has fundamentally impacted views on Evolution in the 21st-century. Perfect for modern and traditional interiors and Luxury Apartments on the Upper East Side of New York City.

One of those Louie's by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (19/50)

rtrait of King Louis XlV in Coronation Robes with a Versace Medallion & Sunglasses, and his fashionable Louis Vuitton hatbox. Also, don't miss the little love note from his favorite mistress, Madame de Pompadour. Evon's highly nuanced tableau titled "One of those Louie's" was painstakingly rendered with acrylic paint, light Air Brush, Fine Art Pencils, Gold Leaf, and Digital enhancements.

Feminine Beauty, after Delphin Enjolras, Limited Edition (16/50)

were marked by their risque quality, although this beautiful interior is somewhat tame even for the artist’s time. This tableau was remastered in 2016 at the Studios of Art Chateau, perfect for period design projects and French Chateaus in Preston Hollow, Dallas.

Mythological Scene, after Carl Sohn, Limited Edition (1/50)

g our Technique known as Zhee-Klay-Verssage. This stunning period piece would be a wonderful addition to almost any interior design project and luxury Chateaus in Austin, Texas, and beyond.

Serendipity by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (7/50)

t this wonderful work of art, which will capture the attention of all those who gaze upon it. Our Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for modern interior design and luxury Ascaya homes in Henderson, Nevada.

Brigitte Helm Starring in Metropolis, Signed Limited Edition (10/50)

ht-after actress from the glory days of German cinema. She is widely remembered as the hypersexed robot "Maria," one of the most powerful and iconic images in film history. In 1935, Helm married Dr. Hugo von Kuenheim, an industrialist of Jewish descent, and they quickly moved to Switzerland to escape the insanity of Hitler and the Nazis. Evon's stunning tableau was created with our Trademark Technique known as Digital Verssage.

Stanze di Raffaello at the Apostolic Palace, Limited Edition (5/50)

" including the Sistine Madonna, and his large fresco compositions like this Detail from the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. This Mixed-Media tableau is perfect for Tuscan style homes and luxury Italian Villas at Southern Highlands in Las Vegas.

Chopin's Nocturne in D-flat Major, Signed Limited Edition (31/50)

'Appony. This little sonnet ends with raptorious applause. Our Mixed-Media painting from Barrett Evon at Art Chateau is perfect for luxury interior design and beautiful Chateaus on Lake Grapevine in Texas and beyond.

Anna Karenina by Barrett Evon, Signed Limited Edition (29/50)

gainst the monstrous injustices of Tsarist rule. Here we see Anna in her "One Last Glorious Moment." This wonderful tableau will command the attention of friend or foe, and ideal for the top art galleries in Soho, New York City.

Angel of Mercy, after Jan Troop, Limited Edition (17/50)

to answer that call. These Angels can be found on battlefields and hospitals and are always nearby when someone is experiencing cruelty, injustice, or terrible suffering. This colorful Jan Troop rendering has been significantly nuanced and remastered by Art Chateau for the 21st Century. Our Mixed-Media, Pop-Art tableau would be a perfect focal point for modern interior design projects and any Fifth Avenue Penthouse in New York City.

Receptive Repose after Lev Chistovsky, Limited Edition (4/50)

st Realist style. Here we see his "Receptive Repose," which has a relaxed sensuality but still retains a unique melancholy with classical sensibilities that permeate the sitter's treatment. This remastered Mixed-Media tableau from Art Chateau is perfect for modern interior design projects and the Best Luxury Condos in Brickell, Miami, Florida.

A Tender Embrace, after Emile Munier, Limited Edition (13/50)

kes this tender domestic scene come to life with frilly lace and the adoring face of a young girl so masterfully remastered. This Mixed-Media tableau is sure to please all those who gaze upon this wonderful work of art. Perfect for Italian Villas in Lake Austin, Texas.

Homage to Mapplethorpe, Limited Edition (7/50)

and classical nudes. Much of his work was considered obscene and sparked a debate in the United States concerning the Constitutional limits of free speech in art. Mapplethorpe died in 1989 at the age of 42 due to complications from HIV/AIDS. Here we see "Homage to Mapplethorpe," a Pop-Art tribute to the artist as a young man, and his final image (looming over his left shoulder) as a metaphor for Life/Death and free will. This mesmerizing tableau is quintessential New York City and perfect for the Best Photography Galleries in New York City.

Bathing Nymph, after Francois Boucher, Limited Edition (3/50)

y were Orientalist or classical themes, such as in this graceful piece that depicts a beautiful forest creature bathing. Our remastered, Mixed-Media painting is perfect for luxury home decorating and the best Interior designers in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Papillon, after Luis Ricardo Falero, Limited Edition (16/50)

“Papillon” by the artist is a dreamlike Butterfly who projects a heavenly passion. This wonderfully remastered, Mixed-Media painting is perfect for Pre-War Interior design and the Beckford House in New York City.

Simpatico II, Limited Edition (6/50)

attva refers to a person who has made a resolution to become a Buddha and has also received confirmation from a living Buddha that this will be so. This captivating tableau is perfect for modern decorating and Luxury apartments on 5th Avenue in New York City.

Tristan and Isolde, after Edmund Leighton, Limited Edition (35/50)

epic painting is rich with detail, "Tristan and Isolde" sitting on a classical Roman bench and King Mark approaching, unbeknownst to them. This wonderfully romantic tableau would be a perfect focal point for any classical design project and luxury homes in University Park, Texas.