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The Amazing Hotel Caesar Augustus, Capri, Italy

ri. Guests enjoy the views over the entire Bay of Naples, including a bird's eye view of Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento, and Ischia. You can also view the Villa San Michele nearby, home to the celebrated novelist Axel Munthe. The Ceasar Augustus is a 55-room boutique hotel that beckons lovers of sea air, the sunshine, and stunning scenery and blends the Italian furnishings with ancient Roman architecture with our 21st-century conveniences. The hotel is surrounded by fragrant gardens and a lovely sun terrace that makes an extraordinary setting to soak up the panoramic view. Hotel guests are invited to relax on the sun decks while overlooking the sea, dipping into the infinity pool, or indulge in a massage indoors or outdoors. A complimentary breakfast buffet is served daily, and the Hotel poolside restaurant is serving gourmet regional cuisine using locally grown produce. Some of the Hotel amenities include complimentary parking, room service, and concierge services.

The New Azimut 53... An Audacious Tale of Beauty

y yachts. Designer Alberto Mancini and the Azimut Design Team have developed a new approach to elegant stylizing with well-thought-out interior space on every level. These areas were generously laidout and are exemplified by the sophisticated finishes, fabulous entertaining spaces, and a logistics handling experience that exceeded all expectations. From morning to evening, the Flybridge is a convenient area to lounge with everything close at hand, a well-equipped bar unit, barbecue, refrigerator, and sink. A perfect spot to soak up some sun and enjoy the commanding view from the Flybridge.

Exploring the Boundaries of Technology and Fantasy...Welcome to Skyacht One

considered the top contender for the best ultra-large executive jet for 2015. With Skyacht One, a highly exclusive and customized version of Embraer 1000E Executive Jet, former Senior Disney "Imagineer" Eddie Sotto of Sotto Studios in Los Angeles has teamed with Embraer to develop an interior design theme that is ultra-custom, catering to travelers who seek a higher level of luxury and refinement that has, until now, been reserved only for the most impressive oceangoing yachts.

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Demorus, The Singular Source for the World's Most...

ing in Mexico, Jennifer visited a local cafe marveling at the rich layers of flavor in her mug, along with the lively friendships around her. Then, promptly realizing the potential of coffee in our society, she traveled to Spain searching for knowledge and the best-quality beans she could find. Stone’s ultimate goal was to invigorate consumers, and she realized this dream upon founding the heavenly Demours Café Prive Select. With this luxury brand, Jennifer continues to search the world for great coffees, creative producers, and complex flavors to broaden palates and provide an exceptional relaxation experience.

The Driehaus Museum and the Magnificent Splendor...

ed 'The Marble Palace,' this monumental edifice was commissioned in 1879 by wealthy Chicago banker Samuel Mayo Nickerson. The home cost $450,000 to build, a staggering amount in that day, and when The Marble Palace was completed, it was the largest private residence in Chicago. The Nickerson's lived there until 1900. For the next 100 years, The Marble Palace was leased to various tenants, then Richard H. Driehaus purchased the building in 2003. Driehaus immediately began restoring the mansion and established it as a museum with a vision to preserve and promote classical style and design.

Enter the Amazing World of Art Chateau

or all of those who wish to enjoy the finer things in life. Our goal is always to provide our readers the highest quality content, sophisticated design and beautiful High-Resolution Images shown with Full-Screen option. We have provided a guide for all those who have impeccable taste and enjoy prestigious cars, yachts, private jets, luxury villas and interiors, beautiful hotels and resorts, exotic destinations, the latest fashion collections, expensive watches and jewelry, and other current world trends. Art Chateau is quite simply The Worlds Finest Art & Lifestyle Magazine on the Internet. Our heartfelt customer service comes with the personal touch, two wonderful reasons to partner with Art Chateau International. Please call or email for Franchise opportunities. Daniel Evon / Editor & CEO

Hollywood Art

odern art. Our three-step process involves HD digital printing, Re-Mastering in PhotoShop—and finally, a certain degree of applied acrylic or oil paint. We also provide the option for Gallery and Museum quality frames—and our studio produces high-end reproduction frames from the Renaissance period. Tabernacle frames, Triptych & Altarpieces with applied Gold Leaf and patina. </p> <p> Art Chateau is the premier International Art Gallery online, offering our public clients, Hotels, Restaurateurs, and Interior Designers the very finest in Period Reproductions. We also specialize in supplying the Motion Picture industry, period fine art for set decoration. Our expansive art catalog spans Seven Hundred years of art history—allowing your production company to recreate the atmosphere and focal point decorating with stunning visual appeal. </p> <p> From Raphael to Jackson Pollack, Art Chateau International can provide all your paintings with frames—our location consultations provide quick solutions and help you facilitate all your art needs. Please call today and ask to speak with one of our art experts - we'll be glad to help you in whatever way we can. </p>

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Zhee-Klay-Verssage: The World's Finest Classical Reproductions & Original Art

...known as Technique "Zhee-Klay-Verssage." Because of the enormous void in High-End, Reproduction Fine Art, we painstakingly developed this amazing Brand of Focal Point paintings that has captured the imagination of the Interior Design community. At the Art Chateau Studios, our mission was to Remaster and create a new benchmark for superior reproductions that has enabled designers to effectively decorate with Large-Format pictures, framed and unframed. </p> <p> Our Trademark Mixed-Media process involves Corrections and Enhancement to Classical Digital Images, followed by carefully printing on Fine Archival canvas. Continuing, we meticulously apply Fine art pencils, Acrylic paint, and High-End Airbrush to the canvas. Finally, our Mixed-Media paintings are finished with a proprietary Hand-Crafted Semi-Gloss varnish with Ultra UV protection, a truly brilliant idea! The results are Stunning Focal Point Design paintings of unparalleled quality. </p> <p> We began in as an outlet for Interior designers to purchase Classical Fine Art Reproductions. Eventually, Architects, Hoteliers, and Restaurateurs began to use our professional art services to create dramatic Focal Point Design; further, we provide Period Fine Art Reproductions for the Motion Picture Industry. Simply put, technique "Zhee-Klay-Verssage" equals Cutting-Edge and Absolute HD Gallery presentation. As an adjunct, in 2017, we began to apply our Trademark process to Original works of Fine Art and Limited Editions as well. </p> <p> Art Chateau is not, and will never be a poster farm generating thousands of Low-Quality prints. We are a State of the Art Company, passionate about what we do and will always put Customer Service at the forefront of our business model. If you're looking to create elegance & ambiance with a heartwarming sense of satisfaction...please allow the Art Chateau team to work with you on your next decorating project. </p>

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Buenos Aires' World Tango Festival: 18 Days of Dance

ing mark on a City/Country while engraining itself in the lives and minds of so many people than have this flexuous prance. Known as ‘The Dance That Shook the World’, the Tango has proven itself to be the most potent, cultural force of its kind, having earned the undivided attention of famous Argentine dancers such as German Cornejo & Gisela Galeassi.

Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona...21st Century Splendor

make haste in directing your attention to the heart of the Example District in Barcelona, Spain. There you will discover a luxurious hideaway christened the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which stands complete with sleek interiors, gourmet Michelin dining, and it's simply unforgettable spa, fitness and wellness facilities.

Casamigos Tequila

sometimes straight from the bottle, Casamigos has defied the odds. Tequila-filled nights ultimately became the catalyst for the birth of the Casamigos juggernaut. "Our idea was to make the smoothest and best-tasting tequila which didn't need an overabundance of salt or lime," said Clooney and Gerber. While building two homes next to each other in Baja, Mexico, Rande and George bounced around the idea of creating an extraordinary product for themselves and their friends as well. With the help of a master distiller in Mexico, Casamigos has emerged as a significant tequila brand and can now be enjoyed coast to coast.

La Belle Epoque Hotel Barge...Cruising thru the Heart of Northern Burgundy

ties, including a spa pool, sun deck, hot tub, and dining salon. Today, La Belle Epoque is a relaxing and spacious hotel that offers guests the opportunity to travel through Northern Burgundy in comfort and style. Guests of La Belle Epoque cruise gently along the Canal du Midi, a 300-year-old canal that lies along the shores of the Mediterranean through renowned vineyards and ancient villages.

The famed filmmaker talks about his latest production: the Jacques Grange–designed Palazzo Margherita hotel in his grandparents' hometown in Southern Italy.

ored palazzo in a largely overlooked part of Southern Italy, I took special notice. This wasn't just because I live in Tuscany and new hotels are part of my purview as a contributor to Condé Nast Traveler and other publications; nor was it simply that the hotel, in the quiet region of Basilicata (the arch of the Italian boot) was bringing a new sense of style to a part of the country that had been sorely lacking it, despite the beauty of its UNESCO stone-cave villages, spectacular stretches of coast and wild, forested interiors. My interest was piqued because my husband and I have also turned historic Italian buildings into boutique hotels — and we know the pleasure and the pain of the process.rnrnHearing about Palazzo Margherita in the months before it opened, I learned that Coppola had set up a particular, and particularly personal, challenge for himself. He'd chosen to rehabilitate one of the grandest and most significant buildings in Bernalda — the tiny town from which his paternal grandfather emigrated to the United States in 1904 — an ornate 19th-century palace that had largely fallen into disrepair and about which locals had all sorts of opinions. To reinvent the historic home as the lovely little hideaway it is now, he turned to his longtime film collaborator, production designer Dean Tavoularis, and to French interior designer extraordinaire Jacques Grange, whose work he had fallen in love with when he stayed at Yves Saint Laurent's Grange-designed home in Marrakech. Coppola felt Grange had captured the informal and familial — but no less luxurious — feeling he sought at the palazzo.

Art Chateau's Fine Art Consulting Service.

, we have provided art for hospitality, healthcare, restaurants and corporate environments. Corporate Art Consulting will Magnify your business Model! Fine Art for business can enhance your workplace and accentuate your corporate image. Create a stimulating work environment by using our art consulting services. Whether you need art for lobbies to inspire a positive impression, art for commercial real estate ventures or art for public spaces, Art Chateau specializes in helping corporations enhance both their office and their image through carefully selected, well-placed art. Read More: Residential Art Consulting will help you achieve Cutting Edge Design! Achieve beauty, warmth and visual impact in your home with art that is carefully selected and well-placed by our fine art consultants who will take into consideration your unique style, taste, personality and budget. Our team can work with you on-line or, in person, as a partner in your next remodeling project. Our collections of Classical to Post Modern art is unparallel in the industry and will provide you with amazing Focal Point Design. Hospitality Art Consulting, In-depth conceptual analysis and planning. Our team of art consultants can enhance your space to foster peace of mind, promote healing and create unparalleled ambience. Art Chateau's advisors offer unique expertise in selecting art for hospitals, restaurants, hotels, Villas and resorts. Our first step is to understand our clients vision, preferences, and budgetary parameters. We then analyze the elements of the physical environment to determine your actual art objectives. These essential steps help us establish the scope of the project. While we offer a complete project analysis, we welcome the opportunity to work as a team and collaboration with project managers, interior designers, architects, CEO's and other key personnel that are essential for a successful art plan which will create a powerful synergy between art and space. Our unique technique for Re-Mastering classical works of art has put us at the forefront of the Interior Design Community and our Period Fine Art Reproductions (Technique: Zhee-Clay-Verssage) are considered the Absolute finest in the world. Please call or contact us for a Fine Art Consultation. Click Here!